FOOD | What I ate Today #2

September 26, 2016

I've been watching 'what I ate today' videos on Youtube non-stop these last couple of days. I'm bored of not being able to do anything and I love getting inspired by these videos, so I decided to film another one myself. I posted a video a couple months ago, so I needed to update it asap. I hope you'll enjoy the video and I would love to know if you'd like to see more of them!

STYLE | Autumn Trends & Inspiration

September 25, 2016

I can't believe it's almost October and I need to change my wardrobe for Autumn/Fall. It's still quite sunny outside, so I can still wear dresses and summery outfits, but the temperature is slowly dropping. Also, I haven't been able to wear anything other than comfortable dresses due to my surgery. I'm still recovering which is why I haven't been posting any outfits lately. I can't sit, I can't walk very far and I can barely sleep. But, it's getting better and hopefully I can be active soon. Fingers crossed.

I didn't want to leave you empty handed, so I made an autumn moodboard with my favorite trends to keep you inspired. I've been loving the denim trend and I've seen a lot of women in Paris wearing mom jeans or jeans that aren't skinny. Love! The other trend I'm quite excited about are the cigarette pants, I recently got a pair from Topshop, but I haven't been able to wear them (yet). Last but not least, lace is everywhere and it's adorable! What are your favorite autumn trends?

TRAVEL | The Costa Blanca Diaries

September 19, 2016

As you may (or may not) know, I traveled to the Costa Blanca, Calpe to be precise, for ten days with my brother and my dad. I'd never been to Spain before - my parents would probably interrupt me know, saying I went to Madrid when I was about four years old, but I can't remember any of it - so the culture and landscape was relatively new to me. It reminded me of Italy sometimes, but the culture is totally different. I definitely want to travel back to Spain sometime to visit some of the places again and discover other parts of the country. Here's my list of my favorite things to see in Spain at the Costa Blanca.

Altea is probably my favorite little city near Calpe and we visited the old town twice because it was too lovely and cozy. If you're looking for a good place to eat and a super cozy atmosphere, Altea is definitely the place to go. The shops open around 7PM, so don't leave too early if you want to buy some pretty souvenirs or if you fancy going there for dinner.

If we're talking about dinner spots, I mustn't forget to mention Valencia. Although this isn't technically part of the 'Costa Blanca', we did visit the city and the food was amazing. There were so many vegan restaurants with amazing food, but as a Loving Hut Lover - see what I did there? - I really fancied a burger from Loving Hut. Sadly, there were no burgers but there was a huge  buffet with burgers, sandwiches, lasagna, Thai food etc. It was literally vegan food heaven. So please visit Loving Hut when you're in Valencia!

The other thing we did in Valencia, besides eating, was viewing the masterpieces Calatrava designed. My brother studied architecture and was, and still is, a huge fan of Calatrava. His buildings are indeed amazing and I was really impressed.

Another scenic city is 'Villajoyosa', also know as 'La Villa Joyosa'. This little city is gorgeous and colorful. Every house has a different color and if you weren't in that holiday mood before, you will be when visiting Villajoyosa. The restaurants on the coastline are pretty cheap and if you're vegan, they'll gladly change up the menu so you've got something tasty to eat. Patatas bravas with ketchup and a summer salad are always a good idea.

What is your favorite city on the Costa Blanca?  

TRAVEL | Four Days in Paris

September 15, 2016

I spent four unforgettable days in Paris with my best friend and it was one of the loveliest trips I did this year. There's something about going on holiday with your best friend that makes the whole experience unique and I would definitely do it all over again (asap please).

We visited nearly every touristy attraction (Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe, Jardin des Tuileries, Louvre, Jardin du Luxembourg etc.), but we also felt like two Parisiennes when going vintage shopping or drinking tea in the neighbourhood. These are some photos I took during the trip and they're random, but if you want to see a full outfit post then let me know!  

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