STYLE | Christmas and Birthday Wishlisting

November 29, 2016

Festive socks & slippers: Etam // Pinafore dress & sweater: Topshop // backpack: Topshop // Embroidered denim: Topshop // Candle: Dyptique

I've said this multiple times before and I'll keep repeating myself every single year or until Christmas stops exisiting. It's my favorite time of the year and I'm so incredibly excited for the holidays. As a student I know that Christmas is a synonym for studying and locking yourself up in your bedroom until the day passes by. That, however, doesn't mean you can't make yourself comfortable and cozy in the room that might possibly drive you nuts whilst studying. December is also my birthday month (only 9 days to go until my 20th birthday) which means that my family members are constantly questioning my wishlist. Time for an update it is!

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