Study Tips To Help You Ace Your Exams

January 17, 2017

Whether you're preparing for exams, you're in mid-term or you've just ended your hectic exam period, I thought I'd share my tips on how to get (even) better grades. I'm in no way a professional (as you probably already know), but I wanted to share some advice from student-to-student. Let's get blogging, I mean, studying!

1. Start early and revise during the year so you don't kick off the exam period unprepared.
2. Always read the assigned texts before lectures so you don't end up not reading them due to lack of time during the exams.
3. Take a (huge, enormous, gigantic) large amount of notes during lectures so you've got plenty of information to study for the exam.
4. Take breaks and have days off during the year. Relax and have some me-time!
5. Reduce social media usage, whether it's just scrolling through your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram feed or posting pictures.
6. Talk with your classmates or friends about the course, this will help you to remember things more accurately because they seem more relevant.
7. Get creative: take your mind off of studying and wind down. Maybe you can practice some yoga?
8. Snack on wholefoods and not on junk whilst studying. Almonds, apples, tangerines help you stay awake and increase concentration levels whereas crisps make you feel tired, sluggish and unproductive.
9. Get sporty! Even a twenty minute run increases brain functioning and overall body health.
10. Write your own summaries and don't copy them. Writing them will increase your knowledge about the topic and it'll keep you concentrated.

 11. Write it down! I love making mindmaps during revision and it has been proven that writing down whilst studying equals reading the same text seven times!
12. Plan it out so you don't end up with a lack of time and motivation to study those last few chapters.
13. Sleep! Make sure you get at least seven hours of sleep each night, preferably eight or nine.
14. My study schedule: read, follow lectures, reread lecture notes, study, revise and repeat the parts I don't fully understand yet. Did you know that, if you want to retain the most information, you need to study something five times?
15. Drink enough water whilst studying and don't sip on energy drinks or too much coffee. Though I won't lie, I like having a cup of tea (or three) when I'm studying.

Have you got any other useful tips to help out a fellow student?

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