And she went shopping...again ;)

May 29, 2013

Hi! I have bought some lovely stuff last month and I thought I'd show you my buys (a little bit too later, but better than never) :) Since I've made an account on blogger, I started buying more things. Most of all shoes, my shoe collection has grown enormously and I didn't even wear all of them more than two times...  My Dr. Martens are in my top ten of most worn shoes, they're just so comfy.
Here are the buys:

 1) A pair of fake Vans... I can't afford real ones and this pair is actually really comfy! (I honestly only bought them because I loved the colour ;)) I bought them in Kruidvat.

 2) Lip balm... because I lost my other ones. I always have some lipbalm in my bag and when I use it at a friend's house, in a foreign country, just anywhere,  I lose it every time again :) haha Just me? ;)
The lip balm is from Hema and it's got a mint flavour! Yummy :P

 3) Body lotion because my skin is really dry and this one smells like shea butter. It makes me feel like it's 30°C and summer. Lovely :) I bought it in H&M in Paris.

4) Wet wipes to clean your hands after touching something really gross (or after cleaning your rabbit's cage...) They also smell lovely and it's perfect for sweaty hands in summer. These ones are from H&M too.

I hope you enjoyed my buys!

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  1. cute stuff :) I like your shoes. I have ones just like that (fake vans!) that are bright yellow.


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