DIY bow hairpin

May 26, 2013

Hey! Here's my first DIY. Last week I saw a lot of lovely ideas to make something by yourself and today is the perfect day to try it ;). It is really easy to make so everyone can do it. It's a bow that cheers your outfit up. I really hope you like it.

you will be needing:
- a sheet of a newspaper (to cover the table)
- a pair of scissors
- a glue pistol
- craft felt (I used red craft felt)
- a hairpin
- tape-measure

Step1: you cut the pieces you need out of the craft felt: one small strip and one large strip (you can choose how big you want it).

Step 2: You fold the both tips to the back and hold them together.
Step 3: In the middle you push it that it looks like a bow.

Step 4: You turn the small strip of craft felt around the middle of the large one, you put some glue on the little strip, you glue it together and hold it for a few seconds. Then you cut the rest of it.

Step 5: Now you put some glue on the hairpin and put the bow on the hairpin. The only thing you have to do now is holding both parts together.  

You can decorate it with pearls to make it your own.
Now you have your bow ;)

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  1. So cute and simple, I love it!! I'm going to make some. Thank you for sharing!


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