Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

May 23, 2013

Hey! Long time ago since I last posted an outfit post with me, sitting on my couch. My room has been really messy and my school books were spread all over my couch, my chair and my small desk. Not much place for an outfit post, as you can probably understand. :)
The title has been stuck in my head since this morning, because we have been learning about Shakespeare in English class. He's written the most beautiful poems I've ever read, that's why there is a lyric from his poem as the title. It's not like I'm in love, trust me. ;)
I hope you'll enjoy the outfit post! I am wearing second hand shorts, which I bought in Paris and a lovely shirt that is actually quite old. My Dr. Martens suited the vintage look perfectly, just like my grandma's purse. The hand chain I'm wearing is made by myself and if you want to, I'll post the DIY for it on the blog. Just write it down in your comment :)
Have a lovely day,


  1. Your top is cute and I looove the bag. :)

  2. looooooovvvvveeeee that bag so much! GORGEOUS.

  3. Hey, lovely look and how nice you picked Shakespeare's poem :) And you have a beautiful name, it's from Homer's Odyssey.

  4. This outfit is divine! Love everything about it from head to toe!

    Love your blog, can't wait for more.

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    Beauty Baroness ☮♥


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