DIY friendship bracelet

August 23, 2013

Hey! This bracelet is very easy and you don't need anything expensive, so grab your rope and some scissors and let's go :)

What you need:
1. Cut out 60 cm of each colour of rope.
2. Take your 3 ropes together and tie a knot in the middle while inserting a first ring of your clasp.
3. Taping the ring on the table makes it a lot easier.
4. Now you need to place your ropes in the right order so in this case: lilac-red-pink-pink-red-lilac.
5. We're going to make a fishtail braid so place the most left rope in the middle and the most right rope over the previous one.
6. Pull the ropes a little tighter and repeat the previous step.
7. When you've reached the right lenght, tie a knot at the bottom and insert the rest of the clasp. Now you may remove the tape.
8. Cut of the excess rope and you're finished! :)
You can give this bracelet to your best friend or just wear it yourself, whatever you like. Have fun making the bracelet!
xoxo Elien and Nausikaä



  1. Looks nice!

    Xx Alex

  2. Useful tips!! We love these kind of bracelet!!
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