Smile, you're gorgeous

August 23, 2013

The weatherman told me that today would be a hot, sweaty and sunny summerday, so I grabbed my shortest shorts, my new boots and some nice accessories. I'm not really a fan of the heat, to be honest, so I'm probably going to stay inside today or I'm going to ride my bicycle.
I made an account on Chictopia yesterday, so feel free to check it out here! :) I'm a newbie on the site, which means that I still don't know how to upload a decent profile photo and my pictures are still a bit on the crappy side, haha :P If you have an account on Chictopia, please let me know in your comment so I can follow you!
Have a nice day!

(shirt: diy; shorts: Compagnia Italia; jewellery: Six and diy; shoes: H&M)

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