Rainy days

November 6, 2013

I am a big fan of plain white shirts, because they suit almost every outfit and they're cheap (win-win situation ;)). So, that's why I decided to combine it with my (fake) leather skirt and the Zara bomber jacket I bought yesterday. The jacket looks a bit old and vintage on the pictures, but it's not like that actually, haha. The sleeves have fake-leather edges and so has the zipper, the fabric of the jacket is plain black. It's quite hard to explain, but I think you kinda get an idea of what the jacket looks like in 'real-life'.
Taking the pictures wasn't the easiest job, because it was raining and my brother was scared that his camera might get too wet, so we rushed outside, took the pictures and now I've got to start studying. I look a bit angry on the first picture, but that's because it's cold, it's raining and it's school again tomorrow... Haha. Maybe the song at the bottom of this post might cheer you up. Have a nice, rainy day! ;) xxx Nausikaä


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