Zara bomber jacket

November 8, 2013

As the days are getting shorter, it is so difficult to take pictures for outfit posts. When I get home from school, it is slightly getting darker and when my brother (aka my photographer) returns from his school, it's completely dark and impossible to take good pictures. I probably won't be posting any outfit posts in the week, so you'll have to wait till the weekends... *sad face* That doesn't mean I can't post any diy's or just personal stuff, I won't be disappointing you, I promise.
About the bomber jacket then (see it here). I bought it in Zara in Aachen last week and there was a really nice discount on it so I couldn't leave it there, right? :) It's really comfy and warm so I don't freeze in the winter. Zara never disappoints, right? ;) xxx Nausikaä

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