New in: Topshop

January 27, 2014

Hi! I ordered two items on Topshop last week and they arrived today so I decided to do a mini-haul of them. The first thing I bought is a grey velvet circle skirt and I absolutely love it. I'm probably going to combine it with a simple white shirt or a cropped sweater. It's so soft and cute and it wasn't that expensive because I bought it in the sales. :) The other thing I bought is a small foundation brush and it is so extremely soft, I can't wait to use it. The brush was about £10 and the skirt was £10 instead of £32. Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

How to style: velvet circle skirts

January 25, 2014

As I ordered a grey velvet skirt on Topshop a few days ago, I was collecting inspirational material because I’d no idea how to style it. And so I thought, why not share it with you?
I noticed that lots of bloggers combine the skirts with black over-the-knee socks and a cute white sweater/blouse. I’d probably wear a white printed shirt or a cropped sweater with it as I don’t have a cute blouse (yet). :) I hope you’ll enjoy reading this post and have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

Just let it go

January 22, 2014

I finally found the time to take outfit pictures again! *cheers* I received my sweater from Sheinside today and I'm so happy with it! It's extremely soft on the inside and the owl is so cute. *fangirls over sweater* I decided to combine the cute sweater with some basic jeans and my adorable smiley Dr. Martens. They really cheer me up, haha. :) The bag I'm wearing is from Primark, I bought it in the sales last year and I'm still loving it. I hope you're all having a nice day! xxx Nausikaä

Let's just go back to the way it was.

January 18, 2014

Sorry for the not-so-sharp-pictures. It was slightly getting darker and my camera decided to bully me yet again. Haha. Anyways, the outfit I'm wearing is really cosy although it's not so warm. But as the winter temperature in Belgium doesn't get below 0°C, I can still wear the outfit. Let's hope the weather stays like this for quite a while. I'm not yet ready for those ice cold winter days. Have a lovely evening! xxx Nausikaä

New in: chipie shoes

January 15, 2014

I did some 'shopping' with a good friend yesterday (it wasn't really shopping cause we had only 30 mins to buy stuff but anyways...) and I bought these lovely shoes from Chipie. I'd honestly never heard of the brand before but the shoes are cute and they were cheap so I just took them with me. :) I think they'll look great with some cheer socks and a dress. I know they're summer shoes but I just couldn't let them stand there, I mean, look at them. *daydreams* Haha. :) Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

Let it fade away

January 14, 2014

You probably noticed I changed the layout of the blog. I just wanted something different and the old theme bored me... haha. Anyways, I have some inspiration for you today as I kinda ran out of it. I've been scrolling through sites as Tumblr and Weheartit and so I have collected lots of cute pictures that inspire me and I hope they'll inspire you too. :) Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

Enjoy today

January 12, 2014

It feels like ages since I last uploaded an outfit post, but here is a new one, finally! I am wearing my new sweater/cardigan/whatever you call it from Vans and it's really warm and cosy. :) The pants are from Vero Moda and I'm still loving them, high waisted pants are always more comfortable than low waisted pants, I think. I'm also wearing my diy Céline Paris shirt and my H&M boots. My fingers are a bit blue on the pictures but that's because it's not very clever to take pictures outside when it's 5°C and you're not wearing a jacket, haha. :) Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

Catrice shopping haul

January 11, 2014

(nude eye shadow palette: €4,99; foundation: €7,00)

I did some shopping yesterday as I ran out of foundation. I came back with a nude eye shadow palette and I decided to test some new foundation out. My previous foundation made my skin really dry and it smelled a bit unpleasant. This one is much better, I tried it out this morning and my parents didn't even notice I was wearing this foundation. It covers amazingly well and it doesn't affect my skin. I have found the perfect foundation and it's not expensive at all. :) The nude eye shadow palette has got some lovely colours and the brush makes it easy to apply the eye shadow. I absolutely love my buys! :) Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

My favorite lipsticks

January 8, 2014

I've been wanting to write something about my favorite lipsticks for such a long time and here it is! Yes, I do have an obsession with dark red/purple lipsticks. I don't even know why, but whenever I pass a drugstore or a MAC or an Ici Paris shop, I always feel the need to check out their lipsticks and well, buy one. I do have some favorites and I'd love to tell you more about them.

Yves Saint Laurent
This lipstick is actually more a lipgloss as it makes your lips shine and it adds some pink/orange colour to your lips. I absolutely adore this lipstick and I use it to create a cute pink look whenever I'm in a girly mood. It's not the cheapest but surely the softest lipgloss/lipstick. 

Price: €30,15

Mac - diva A83
This lipstick is almost perfect, the colour is quite dark but not too dark so you can wear it to go shopping or just on a normal day. I was a bit scared when I bought this, to be honest. As this isn't a light colour but a real eye catcher. The lipstick feels really soft on your lips and it doesn't fade away really quickly. You can eat and drink as much as you want but the colour will stay on your lips.

Price: €18,90

Hema - 18
This lipstick is so red but oh so pretty. I only wear it to events because it would be weird to wear it to school, haha. The lipstick from Hema is really cheap and it's actually good quality for such a low price. :)

Price: €3,50

Hema - 13
The colour of this lipstick is almost the same as the Mac one, but it's a little bit darker. I love this lipstick as I can wear it to school or to other events. It's not too dark and it finishes a casual look (jeans, white shirt and Dr. Martens). It's also less expensive than the Mac one, so if you're looking for a nice alternative, make sure you check Hema!

Price: €3,50

Catrice - More is more (200)
Last but not least, the Catrice lipstick. I must be honest with you, telling that this isn't my favorite colour but it surely is one of the 'comfiest' lipsticks I have. It quite long lasting and it doesn't dry out your lips. I mostly use a lip balm before putting on lipstick, but I don't need any lip balm before putting on this one. I personally think that the colour isn't the prettiest (it's way too pink and girly) for me) but it's super comfy and long lasting! :)

Price: €4,50

Lost in a fantasy

January 2, 2014

 (lipstick: YSL - €30,15)

My uncle gave me a gift card from Ici Paris XL for New Year and knowing me, I had to spend it as soon as possible, haha. I chose a lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent and I absolutely love it! It tastes like peach, looks amazing and it makes your lips feel so soft. Let's not focus on the price for a minute and just adore it. It looks a bit more orange in 'real life' (the picture makes it look red), but I love it! I can't wait to wear it to school or to festive occasions. This is one of my favourite lipsticks right now, together with the one my aunt got me from MAC (see me wearing it here). What's your favorite brand of lipsticks? xxx Nausikaä

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