Banana bread

February 28, 2014

I recently found the recipe for this delicious banana bread on a food blog while I was searching for healthy meals. I made some banana bread this morning and it's really simple and oh so yummy. I barely used any sugar or butter for this bread which makes it really healthy. Have you ever made banana bread? xxx Nausikaä

(Recipe: HERE)

Heels & Dungarees

February 27, 2014

I have been scrolling through the Topshop webshop too much lately and I just can't get over the fact that they've got so many clothes I want and my bank account just won't let me buy all of it... haha :) I am in love with the cut-out heels and the dungarees, they're perfect for spring/summertime. The lace ankle socks are just so adorable and even though I've already got a white pair of them, I need some black ones. ( a girl can never have enough clothes and accessories, right? ;)) I found the velvet lipstick on the webshop too and I thought they would finish this look. What do you think of this combination? xxx Nausikaä


February 23, 2014


 JACKET Pull&Bear DRESS h&m SOCKS h&m
BOOTS dr. martens CLUTCH c&a

I decided to play a bit with fonts on Pixlr because I already got bored of the old header of my blog and I ended up with a clean and lovely new header for the blog. What do you think of the new style?
About my outfit then, I wanted to take some pictures of another outfit yesterday but they all ended up quite blurry, so my brother insisted to take new pictures of this outfit today with his camera and I'm actually really pleased by the way they ended up. He uses a Nikon D3100 for the outfit photos and I was wondering what camera you guys use to take pictures? xxx Nausikaä

Review: Catrice concealer

February 22, 2014

Hi! As I'd been looking for a good concealer for what felt like ages, I finally found the perfect one from Catrice. The package itself looks gorgeous, I think. It's like this (fake) silver material, so cute. :) I use this concealer after applying my foundation for a complete finished look and because my foundation is from Catrice too, the tint of the concealer is exactly the same as the one from the concealer. Perfect match! The concealer doesn't dry out my skin and it completely covers the redness on my face. I'm so happy I bought it and I certainly recommend it! xxx Nausikaä

 Price: €4,99

What's in my bag?

February 18, 2014

Hi! Since lots of bloggers and youtubers have been showing you what's in their bag, I though I'd write a post like that too. There's not that much in my bag though. Just my wallet, my phone, a notebook, some lipstick, perfume and my sunglasses, just in case the sun starts shining, you know. ;)
That's basically it. I got some exciting news! I'm collaborating with Everybuying/Sammydress soon! You probably already noticed the banner on the sidebar, it leads you directly to their lovely (and cheap) online store. Have a nice day! xxx Nausikaä

LFW 2014

February 17, 2014

Hi! As you may or may not know, one of my dreams has always been to go to a fashion week, whether it's in the creative English city called London or the romantic and lovely city called Paris or on the other side of the world in New York. I've been to a few fashion shows and I've joined lots of fashion events, but I think that a fashion week must be completely different. Have you been to a fashion week yet? xxx Nausikaä


February 16, 2014

The sun was shining this morning, so I told my brother to take some pictures of my outfit. I bought the two items I'm wearing yesterday and they're both from H&M. Excuse my horrible posing by the way, it was quite cold and I basically just suck at striking a pose for pictures, haha. Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

♡ Happy Valentine ♡

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's day y'all! I hope you're having a lovely day, whether it's with your loved ones or just behind your computer, reading the Valentine's posts bloggers are currently uploading (like me). I just enjoyed the delicious meal my dad made for my mum, brother and me. We always get the chance to buy roses at school which I think is adorable. I never got one though, haha. I always buy some chocolate on Valentine's day... just to give it to myself. It seems so sad lol :) Anyway, I hope you had a happy Valentine's day! xxx Nausikaä

We're going nowhere

February 12, 2014

Today has been a lovely day, not just because we only had school till midday, but because the sun showed it's face again. It's been grey outside for too long. I don't know about you, but in Belgium it's been very windy and rainy lately. I'm absolutely not a fan of rain or wind, I prefer the sun but hey, you can't have everything at once. I'm showing you today's outfit which is quite basic and not so special. I'm still in love with my sweater and the cute socks I'm wearing are just too adorable for words, haha. Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

Review: Catrice liquid foundation

February 11, 2014

I've always wanted to write a review about a beauty product I bought and I finally found the perfect item to write a review about. I will be talking to you about the Catrice photo finish 18h liquid  foundation. Long name for a small product, but it does give you that little shine on your face which makes me adore this product. Okay, adore might be a little exaggerated, but I will be buying the same foundation again once I've used it all up. It covers your face smoothly without clogging the pores. I always want my skin to breathe even though I'm wearing foundation and this product allows it to breathe. Most of the foundation I used to put on my face kinda made me feel uncomfortable because it made me feel like I'd covered my face with mud. It's quite hard to explain but you kinda get me, right? :) To apply the foundation to my face, I mostly use my Topshop foundation brush (You can see I've used it a lot) as it's really soft and handy. You have to clean this brush quite often because it looks dirty really fast. I clean it every four days just because I like my brushes to be clean. :) I hop that this short review was a bit helpful and if you have any questions, make sure to leave them in your comment below. xxx Nausikaä

Polaroid camera ♡ Vagabond shoes

February 10, 2014

As I have been visiting a lot of online shops lately, I have had a lot of dilemma's. Like, should I chose the skirt or the dress or the earrings or the necklace. You know, the problems every girl has. Well, I can't decide whether to order an adorable pink Polaroid camera or a pair of lovely shoes. What would you buy? xxx Nausikaä

Flower crown

February 3, 2014

Hi there! Here is a super cute diy for y'all! I kinda got bored of the grey sky and the rainy days, so I decided to cheer them up by making a flower crown. I know it's not spring or summer yet, but hey, being normal is boring. :) This diy is really easy and adorable, so let's get started! ♡

The things you'll need are: fake flowers, scissors, strong glue and some elastic

Take your elastic and put it around your head to measure the length of the elastic. Done that, cut the elastic off. Then you're going to glue the ends of the elastic together (you can also sew them).

Then you're going to take your fake flowers and pull of the flowers, this should be really easy to do. Put the layers of the flower next to each other on the table so it's easier to glue them on to the elastic.

You can start gluing the flowers to the elastic, make sure to use enough glue. :)

When you're completely finished with gluing the flowers onto the elastic, your flower crown should look like this:

♡ Good luck! ♡

Take me away

February 1, 2014

Hi everyone! Sorry it's been such a long time since I last posted something, I just had a blogger's block, I guess. But I'm back now, trust me. :) I did some shopping with my mum today and I bought two lovely things. The first item I bought is a book, namely The Fault in our Stars by John Green. I saw the trailer of the film and I read some parts of the book and I was like 'Man, I need to buy this.' And so I did. I can't wait to start reading! The other thing I bought is a highlighter by Essence. It was a limited edition and I just couldn't leave it in the shop. Something inside of me needed to buy this, haha. :) I think it's adorable and I might write a review about it. Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

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