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March 28, 2014

It feels like ages since I posted my last ootd, but I finally found the time to take some snaps of what I was wearing. If you've been following me on WeHeartIt, you probably noticed that I've kinda gotten into the rosy/cute style. I just think people are wearing too much black (including me) lately and I just wanted to cheer myself and the people around me up. That probably sounds crazy, but it's just the only way to explain my current obsession with rosy stuff, haha.
I made the skirt and the pull myself and the denim vest and the heels are from H&M. Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

Current beauty faves || 001

March 25, 2014

 I've been loving loads of beauty products lately, but these are like my all-time favorites so I thought I'd show you guys what I almost daily use. The first thing I love is the prime and fine eyeshadow base from Catrice. I usually can't stand any eyeshadow on my eyelids because it starts irritating my skin immediately, so that's why I have to use a base. This one is really good and it's only €3,99, I think. 
The next product I'm loving is the nude eyeshadow palette from Catrice. The colours are so pretty and they suit like almost every outfit. :)
Another product I adore is the Essence highlighter powder. The package on its own is just so cute and the colour of the highlighter is so pretty.
The last item I love is the YSL rouge volupté lipstick. It's more a lipgloss but it's quite pigmented so you can easily wear this to school or to a party. 
I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any things you want to see, please don't hesitate to let me know! :) 

PS: Thank you so much for 200 followers on bloglovin, it makes me smile everytime I read your lovely comments and to know that people are actually interested in the things I write. :) So, thank you for that! Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

Bedroom inspiration

March 23, 2014

Hi there! I wanted to write a post about some bedroom inspiration because I spend quite a lot of my time in my room and so I like to rearrange it every few days. Whenever I scroll through social network sites like Tumblr or WeHeartIt, I always see these pictures of lovely bedrooms. I'm one of those people that wants a cute room with lots of decorations but at the same time I want a clean, white bedroom too. What kind of bedroom do you like? xxx Nausikaä

(source: WeHeartIt)

Topshop haul

March 19, 2014

I did some shopping at Topshop lately (obviously) and as you guys seem to like my hauls, I decided to write a clothing haul since I last did one about beauty stuff.

When I went to Amsterdam with my family, I found the perfect Topshop and bought a few things that I'd like to show you. I did buy a lot of socks, I don't even know why. I guess they were to cute and I'm a sucker for cute stuff, haha. What do you want to see more on my blog in the future? Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

Beauty haul

March 14, 2014

I did some beauty shopping lately and I actually haven't shown you what I bought, so here are my latest beauty buys! :) (Am I the only one who has to buy something at Lush, like you can't just walk by that delicious smelling shop?) I hope you'll enjoy this short haul and if you have any requests/comments don't forget to post them below! :) xxx Nausikaä

 (Lush: €7 - €9.95 - €5.55)

 (Left: Action - €0.55; Right: Catrice - €1.50)

 (Essence - €1.05)

 (Action - €0.50)

 (Flormar blush brush - €9.95)

Lovely blogs

March 11, 2014

I remember writing a 'favourite blogs' post a few months ago and as I have discovered lots of new blogs lately I decided to write a new one today. Have fun reading about my three favourite blogs! xxx Nausikaä

My first favourite blog is Nanne van Hout her blog, she's been blogging on Fashiable since 2009 and her blog has grown enormously since then. Nanne is a Dutch girl who mostly blogs about fashion, but also about beauty and lifestyle. Her blog posts always surprise me and she has a great sense of humour, haha :)

Another blog I enjoy reading is Katiquette, written by the lovely Katarina Vidic from Slovenia. She mostly blogs about fashion but she sometimes might surprise you with a little beauty article. She's got an amazing style and I'm so jealous of her wardrobe. Seriously, have you seen her jacket collection yet? :)

The last blog I want to introduce you to, is Radiate Fashion, written by Janne Biersma. She has been blogging since 2012 and her blog is gaining popularity really fast. Janne blogs about fashion and lifestyle. I think she has a great sense of style and her blog is always interesting to read. :)

Bubblegum lip scrub

March 9, 2014

I bought this adorable lip scrub in Amsterdam a few days ago and I'm in love with it. It smells like bubblegum heaven and it tastes like sugar, so  what more do you need? I'd been looking for a good lip scrub for a while because my lips are always dry and applying lip balm didn't really help. This lip scrub makes your lips feel so soft and less dry and it's just adorable.
Love, Nausikaä ♡

(lip scrub: Lush, €9,95)


March 6, 2014

I returned from Amsterdam yesterday and I had such a great time there! It's a lovely city and the people from the Netherlands are so sweet and nice. When I returned from Amsterdam, I noticed that my package from Sammydress* had arrived. They'd asked me if I wanted to collab with them a few weeks ago and as their webshop has got really cheap and lovely clothes, I thought it would be fun to do the collab. The shorts I got are so cute and really comfortable, I can't wait to wear them in spring or summer. It looks amazing when you combine it with a cropped top and flat shoes or you can wear it with a printed shirt and heels. The zipper of the shorts were a bit casually stitched but that's my only remark. Their service is really quick, so I'm going to buy clothes from their shop more often since I'm really pleased with what I got. :)
I got the cropped top from Topshop in Amsterdam and I'm in love with the simple but oh so cute design. :)

If you like the shorts, you can find them here. If you want to see more of their website, you can click  here or just click on the banner at the right side of this blog.  

(top:Topshop; bag: Zalando*; shorts: Sammydress*; sneakers: Chipie)


March 2, 2014

My family and I did some shopping yesterday and as I was wearing an outfit that I'm quite proud of, I decided to take some pictures of it. I made the sweater and the skirt myself and I'm really pleased with how they ended up. The quality of the pictures isn't that great, but it's good enough to see what I'm wearing. :) The denim vest is from Forever 21, the bag is from Primark and my shoes are from H&M. Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

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