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May 20, 2014

Hi! I actually wanted to post a clothing haul today, but I just realised I haven't bought any clothing lately. (what's happening to me?) So I thought I'd share some stuff I got to make my bedroom a bit more comfy and cute. I've been a huge fan of candles lately (my mum's scared I'm going to burn the house down some day), because they just really make me feel like home. I got two quite fresh scenting candles from Hema and I'm in love with them. The next thing I got isn't that new actually since it's a vase I once got for my mum but she didn't use it. I decided to put some fake flowers in it and I used it as a money-box for my coins. The last thing I got was a cute tray from a local store and it looks so cute with some perfume bottles and bracelets. That was all I got, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä


  1. wat een schattige spulletjes!

  2. Leuke blog heb je :) Ik heb je berichtje op facebook beantwoord. Het lijkt me leuk om elkaar te gaan volgen.
    Ik volg je nu met gfc!

    Love, Lisette


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