Review: ebay beauty blender dupe

May 22, 2014

I recently ordered some beauty stuff on Ebay because I'd actually never done that before. Since I have been looking for an other beauty blender for a long time (I'm currently using an H&M one), I ordered a nude coloured sponge for less than one Euro, bargain! So I thought, why not write a short review for those who are interested?
I wanted to see if this cheap beauty blender is a good dupe for the real (expensive) one. The easiest way to apply your foundation or concealer with the blender is by making it wet with some cold water. The sponge gets a bit larger and it's so easy and quick to apply a layer of foundation. I like to wash my sponges quite often and I noticed that this beauty blender doesn't look that good after washing it a few times. But that's basically the only remark, I'm so glad I got this and if you're interested in buying it, you can find it here. Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä


  1. Ooooo Think I will have to get one of these! x

  2. I still want to try one of those and see if i like them :)

    Love, Lisette

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