November 25, 2014

Finding a new foundation brush is one of the hardest things to do. Especially when it comes to having dry skin and struggling with applying the foundation decently. I noticed that my old foundation brush was losing hairs and I couldn't really clean it any longer without risking to lose more hair. So, I got myself a new brush and I'm so in love with it!

I'd honestly never heard of the brand/designer before, but as soon as I felt how soft the brush was ,I knew I had to get it. You can use the brush for liquid foundation as well as for powder foundation. I'm not very fond of powder foundation as it makes your skin feel cakey.
I always put the foundation on my hand before applying it to my face, using the brush. I noticed that this brush is quite firm, which makes it easy yet harder to apply the foundation. Confusing, I know. You can spread foundation more evenly on your face, but you have to make sure your whole face is covered because the brush kind of dries out the foundation. Pffew that's hard to explain haha :)

On the third picture, you can see my old foundation brush on the left side of my new one. The new one is larger than my previous one. I've always used a Topshop foundation brush or beauty blenders, but now that I've discovered this foundation brush I don't think I'm ever gonna change! 

Anyway, I hope you found this review a bit helpful! XX

(foundation brush: Barbara Hofmann by 'di'; €10)


November 23, 2014

If I'd sum up all the things I did in the last few days, you'd be so surprised and wonder how I even got to sleep. I started a new website which will be launched this Monday, I finished a huge school project and I did some modelling for a friend of mine who took the photo's for this outfit post. Big thank you for that! :) With that all done, my weekend came to an end and school starts tomorrow again *sad face*. 
The pink skirt I'm wearing is probably the most girly item I own, I decided to wear it together with a light grey sweater. You've probably caught me wearing these items quite a lot recently, but I always seem to stick with the basics during the cold winter times. I guess I prefer being dressed warm and cosy than stylish and cold. Just me? XX (PS: excuse the super messy hair)

(sweater: H&M | skirt: Vero Moda | shoes: H&M | necklace: BornPrettyStore | bag: Primark)


(Photos by Maarten de Laet Photography)


November 20, 2014

(photo source: WeHeartIt)

Hi! I've been shit at updating my blog recently, because school kind of ruined my social life and my blogging life, but I'm back now and ready to blog and write again! I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to share your blog on my blog so I can get to know you better and I'm in need of new blogs to follow. So if you're up to it, you can share your blog link and tell something about yourself and why you started blogging. What you blog about is also really interesting for me to read, so don't hold back and spam those blogs! :)
Another thing I want to talk to you about, is my Q&A. I want to write a decent q&a with all different sorts of questions. I'm also doing a giveaway some time soon, so if you send me an email/tweet or ask me something on my facebook page, you have an extra chance of winning the items. I'll be showing snippets of the prize soon... :) Have a lovely day! x

Hi! Ik heb mijn blogje de laatste tijd een beetje aan de kant gezet, omdat school al mijn tijd en inspanning vroeg. Maar ik ben opnieuw klaar om te bloggen en wat inspiratie neer te schrijven! Ik wou je de kans geven om je blog te delen op mijn blog, zo kan ik je beter leren kennen en ik heb nood aan een hoop nieuwe blogs om te volgen. Als je wil, kan je je blog link delen en iets vertellen over jezelf en waarom je juist ben begonnen met bloggen. Waarover je blog gaat is ook interessant om te lezen, spammen die blog! :)
Een ander onderwerp waar ik over wou schrijven, is de Q&A. Ik wil een degelijke en interessante Q&A schrijven met alle soorten vragen. Ook zal er binnenkort een giveaway zijn, als je me een mail/tweet/bericht op facebook stuurt voor de Q&A, heb je een grotere kans om de items te winnen! Ik toon je binnenkort een aantal details van de giveaway! Bye! x

(e-mail addres: || Twitter || Facebook)


November 16, 2014

Whenever I have a bad skin day, I like to decently clean my skin before I go to bed. I thought it would be interesting for you to share my sos-skin tips. Ps: this is not a sponsored post, these are just the products I like to use.

1. Cleanse
I use a Nivea refreshing tonic to cleanse my face and to take my make-up off my face. I really like this product as it makes my skin feel refreshed and it lets my skin breathe.
2. Remove
To get the remaining make-up off my face, I use a Hema cleansing milk. This hydrates my skin and completely removes my make-up. This product smells like cucumber, sooo delicious! 
3. Wash
I usually apply the Hema facewash before stepping into the shower so I can easily rinse it off while showering. This product deeply cleanses my skin, makes it less oily and moisturises. 
4. Face mask
To relax and hydrate my skin I like to apply a face mask. The face mask I like to use is one from Hema, it smooths my skin and hydrates. 
5. Deeply cleanse
This is an optional step, when I struggle with serious breakouts. I use a Hema cleansing gel to thoroughly cleanse my face. I dries out any spots or oily skin, so there will be less chance that red spots will appear.

Extra: These were some tips on how to relax your skin when you're struggling with breakouts or spots, but the most important thing to do when you're having skin problems, is relaxing yourself. 
Spots are caused by too much stress sometimes, so take some time to read a book/magazine after a busy day and turn off those social network sites. Me-time will also help you to get rid off stress. 
I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think of the new layout :)

PS: I'm not a skin specialist (obviously), I'm just sharing my experience and knowledge on how to deal with skin troubles. 


November 11, 2014

My dad had this crazy idea to go for a walk Saturday evening and as we had no valid reason to say no to him, my family and I jumped in the car and drove somewhere. When arriving at the place, I noticed that there were a few shops open in the high street, so I couldn't walk past H&M. I've been loving their newest collections and that's how I found the faux leather shirt I'm wearing. Long story short, thanks for taking me on the trip dad. Haha :) 
I decided to combine it with simple black trousers and my Stella McCartney dupes. Because my outfit was quite casual, I wore a red lipstick (Diva by Mac) to add something to the look. I hope you enjoy the outfit!


November 9, 2014

With the sun peeking through my window and 'Skinny Love' by Birdy playing in the background, I decided it was time for another favourites post. I went through my make-up collection and chose the items that I used the most this month. I haven't been wearing any nailpolish lately because I don't find the right time to do it and I don't have the patience to wait until it's dry. But if I had to chose my favourite nailpolish, it would be Sinful Colors in 'snow me white'. Next stop is my favourite eyeshadow. I wrote a little review about this one, it's the 'vanilla sky ride' eyeshadow from Catrice. Such a stunning colour and so easy to apply! 

Next stop is the Catrice mascara, this one is so amazing, it literally makes your lashes look fabulous in less than a minute. Worth a try, that's for sure! 
I've been into lippies lately as well (okay I guess I've always been) and my three favourites have to be the Rimmel x Kate Moss lipstick (08) , I like to wear the Catrice cosmetics lip balm/lipstick (020 Rusty in Peace) on top of it to give your lips that plump and moisturised feeling. 
Last but not least, I've been loving the cookies and cream lipgloss from Essence. It smells delicious and it gives your lips a shimmer and let's be honest, the package is too adorable.
With that all said, I hope you'll enjoy the pics! What's been your favourite beauty product throughout October?


November 5, 2014

I'm one of those people who can scroll through sites such as WeHeartIt, Pinterest, Tumblr,... for ages and when I try to take pictures like the photographers on these sites do, I always end up being frustrated because it just doesn't work out for me. I always blame my camera for not being so fantastic and photogenic, knowing that it's me who's got to make the picture and not my camera. Although the bad Belgian weather can be blamed sometimes, right?
I'm still into the whole black-and-white look when it comes to clothing and the interior all-white industrial look is still so stunning! What's with these colours?! After collecting inspiration I always feel the need to go shopping and I feel like it's my mission to find some of the pieces that inspired me and that I love. Hope you enjoyed this inspiration!

(source: WeHeartIt)


November 1, 2014

I'm a sucker for sweet and floral scents, there's no denying, which is one of the reasons why I love trying new perfumes. It's just that they're so expensive. *Hi Mum* *puppy eyes* I like to dive into my mum's perfume collection sometimes (not literally) and that's how I discovered the 'Dolce' perfume by Dolce and Gabanna. The package is so adorable and the scent is just so stunning. I'm not trying to sell this bottle or anything, nope, I'm just in love with it and if my mum would allow me to, I'd probably spray the whole bottle empty. It's like flowers, cupcakes and heaven in a bottle.

The other perfume which you've already seen a million times before, is the Coconut and Vanilla scent by H&M. It reminds me of the Coconut shower gel I used to love when I was younger. The perfume makes me feel like I just came out of the shower, smelling all heavenly and coconut-like.

Then there's my all-time favorite perfume by Chanel. The Coco Mademoiselle perfume smells like Jasmine and roses, it's so sweet and feminine. You've just gotta love it.
I think I've kept you busy reading long enough, but I hope you enjoyed this post! What's your favourite perfume?

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