Building a terrarium

March 15, 2015

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Plant and their adorable children. (Just kidding) I have always been a lover of plants and cacti and I think that's becoming pretty obvious when you enter my bedroom. Every corner of my room has at least one flower or cactus, because they make my white room look a lot cosier and home-y. The two plants on the left are my newest friends (I sound so sad when I say that. 'I have a lot of friends, yeah, most of them are plants') and they still have to grow a lot. They were almost dead when I got them and because I couldn't bear the sight of the two sad plants, I adopted them. They are starting to look healthier so I'm hoping they'll look amazing soon...

The other two cacti have grown so fast, the one of the right wasn't very big when I got it and the owner had kind of given up on him (he was half the size of my pink haha), but he has grown amazingly well and he even looks as if he's raising his hands! *cringe* The cacti in the white pot is probably the prettiest of them all and he's my favourite. :) Okay so I just wrote a whole post about my growing terrarium, but I was just wondering if you have one as well? XX


  1. Beautiful cactus!:) xx

  2. Lovely post! I want some cacti now so badly! xx

    elly from alldeathbydiamonds


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