How to survive a blogger's block

March 16, 2015

Every blogger struggles with a blogger's block at least once in their career, unless you're one of the lucky bloggers that has tons of inspiration all the time. I don't. I sometimes get frustrated because the white screen in front of me just blocks my mind and it stays white. That's why I listed my five most helpful tips when I struggle with a blogger's block and I hope they'll help you too.

Tip 1: get inspired
Look through magazines and cut out photos of outfits that you like, this might inspire you to rearrange your wardrobe and create new outfits. Think out of the box. So cliché, but it’s true. Get out of your comfort zone and discover new things. Visiting other blogs can be a source of inspiration as well. What do they write about? Let them inspire you, but don’t copy them. If you like something they do and you want to write about it as well. Then do it, but do it differently, because surviving in the blogging industry can only be done by being unique. Whether it’s your photography, writing, appearance, style,… Just be you and stand out from the crowd. If they wear black, dare to wear white.

Tip 2: write it down
Once you get inspired, take a piece of paper and start writing down the ideas. Use keywords and the ideas will just start flowing on your paper. You can even chose to draw something. Get creative and draw e.g. a pen. What can you do with that pen? Use washi tape to decorate it, draw a new blog design, maybe you can even use it to draw something on a shirt to make it your own. Use an old shirt and make a tank top/cropped top out of it? It’s your blog, you control it and your readers are following your blog because they like you.

Tip 3: Window shopping
If you really run out of ideas, just take the train (or bike, bus, car...) and go window shopping. It might give you new ideas for outfits and beauty shops can inspire you to do make-up tutorials. Get inspired by what people wear. How do they combine high-street pieces with cheaper clothing and how can I do that? If you look around you, observe everything, then finding inspiration will be the easiest thing.

Tip 4: start improving
If you happen to have some free time, just take your camera and notebook. Get to know your camera and learn new things. Maybe you can even learn how to make your own blog design? Youtube can teach you a lot of things, so do some research and improve your blogging skills.

Tip 5: be yourself
Why did you start blogging? Take it back to the beginning and think of what you wanted to become. If you wanted to become a lifestyle blogger, write about things in life that happened to you and made you to who you are nowadays. Fashion bloggers can write about the newest trends. What’s a hype on Tumblr and what’s hot on the catwalks? If you’re a beauty blogger then try out the products in your stash you normally wouldn’t use and try something new with them. Use eyeshadow to contour or highlight. Try the weirdest things, because they always lead to new ideas. 

I hope these tips were somehow helpful and if you have any other tips, please share them in the comments! :) XX photo credit: weheartit

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