The wardrobe basics

March 20, 2015

Every girl has her wardrobe basics, it might differ from girl to girl (or boy to boy), but I think we can all agree to the fact that a wardrobe is not complete without those items. In my case, all the items are black or black and white themed. Is it an ocd to only buy black colored items, or is it just the clothing I feel oh so comfortable in? I don't know. These are my wardrobe basics:

The lbd (little black dress):
This dress literally suits everything. Whether it's a pair of high killer heels, sneakers or combat boots. You can't go wrong with this piece. Add some jewelry to spice it up or keep it simple. Everytime I have no idea what to wear and my inspiration has been used up, I go back to the basics and put the little-black-magical-dress on. It always looks good. 

The faux leather shirt:
If you want to look sophisticated without even trying, just wear a (faux!) leather shirt and you're guaranteed to look stylish. I've got a few of these shirts and they suit almost everything. A simple pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers is all you need to finish the look. It seems as if you've thought about your outfit for a long time when you actually didn't.

The comfy trousers:
It's totally up to you to decided what kind of trousers you find most comfortable. I love a comfy high-waist pair of trousers or just any kind of trouser that's not too low (seriously, no one wants to see those jeans hanging too low and not covering your butt). Topshop has some stunning high-waist trousers in their collection.

The bomber jacket:
This is probably one of the jackets I've worn the most without even noticing. It's just an automatic thing to do when I get dressed. I'm pretty sure people are getting bored of the jacket, but I haven't found one that can replace my comfy bomber.

The chic blazer:
I have a thing for blazers, I don't even know how to explain the amount of black blazers in my closet. Every time someone (aka my best friend) visits me, she grabs a blazer and wishes it was her own. It's such a simple way to look effortlessly chic.

What are your wardrobe basics?

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