May 13, 2015

Side note: being bikini ready shouldn’t be your main goal, try to eat healthy and workout regularly. Try to build in a daily workout in your busy everyday life and chose fruit over fatty, sugar snacks. ‘80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise’.  Watch out, a diet doesn’t mean cutting down your food intake, it means choosing healthy food over unhealthy snacks. 

I have a tight exercise schedule, because I know I’d give up so easily without a plan. It’s so simple and easy to just sit in your comfy sofa or to lay in bed for another thirty minutes when you could be working out. I sometimes do struggle with getting off of my lazy butt and actually be productive. I mean, who wouldn’t chose another episode of Once upon a time over a run in the cold, rainy weather outside? Yup, totally me. 

But, I’ve set my goals and I want to be able to say ‘I did it!’ one day. My workout-schedule is pretty simple and self-explanatory. I go for a 15-20 minute run every other day to boost my energy level and I do a workout the other days. I usually do a five minute cardio warm-up, followed by 15 minutes of ab exercises, a 15-minute leg and thigh workout and last but not least, a tight arm workout. This is my current workout scheme, it does change from time to time when it’s starting to get boring or when my body is getting used to the exercising. 

Always set new goals and remember to keep going and push yourself whenever you feel like giving up. The results aren’t going to appear magically, although I think we all wish they would.


  1. Good luck. You can do it girl!

  2. Good luck on your workout!

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