short skirts and flowers

August 25, 2015

Long time no see! It feels like it's been super long since I last talked to you and I almost forgot what blogging was, haha. Just kidding. The weather in Belgium has been a mess lately, it's either really sunny and hot or rainy and cloudy which is really annoying when you want to take outfit photos. Plus, I didn't really feel like charging my empty camera battery because I kind of maybe lost my charger? I did find it back just today so I charged my battery and hopped outside for some photos!
I'm wearing quite a simple outfit, but rainy days just ask for cute outfits. I already mentioned on Instagram how much the blouse underneath my skirt is bothering me. I tried to make it look more elegant by hiding the front bit under the skirt but apparently that just didn't want to work, haha. Anyway, I will be posting again on Friday and you'll know why I'll be doing so by then... See ya!


  1. Dit staat je echt super.
    Het mooie ruitjes motief en de kleur van de rok passen perfect bij die schoenen.

    En inderdaad, dat weer is zo vermoeiend. Je weet nooit wat te verwachten!

    The Losing Struggle | Bloglovin'

  2. Love your skirt and sandals!! You look beautiful!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  3. I love that shirt. It would look fantastic in so many outfits!

  4. Lovely photos! & I'm loving those shoes. They're so unique & different! xx,


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