discovering lisboa {part 1}

September 15, 2015

I've been wandering in Lisbon in the last few days and knowing I'll start university in less than a week feels so weird, but it's so exciting at the same time. I'm here in Lisbon with my mum, her best friend and her daughter aka, my best friend. Anyway, let's get this travel diary started! (PS: sorry for the crappy photo editing, but I'm working on my mum's computer and it's not the most blogging-friendly device.)

We arrived Sunday evening around 6 at our hotel and the only thing we did was unpack our stuff and find a place to eat something. We were starving and super thirsty because our plane was delayed and that's actually all I can remember from the first day, haha. Here are some pictures from our bedroom. I will be writing a full post about our room soon, because it's just so stunning and Pinterest-worthy!

We visited so many places yesterday (Monday) e.g. the Castelo de Sao Jorge. But we took our time to discover the city and today's plan was to visit the Jeronimos Monastry and Belem. These are some random photos I took the last two days and I would love to write a proper post about my stay in Lisboa, but the crappy internet and the tiny notebook aren't blogging-friendly, sadly. Once I'm back home and I can use my laptop, I'll write a Lisboa-must-see-tourist-guide so you know which places to visit! :) I hope you'll enjoy these random snaps I took!

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