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October 13, 2015

Getting this close to my camera isn't just a bit weird, no, it's super uncomfortable and not something I plan on doing more often - haha. But, I just really wanted to show you what I like to apply to my face every day. It's super simple and casual, nothing too dramatic and complicated (ain't nobody got time for that, right?). When I wake up, I'm usually not in the mood to be creative with make-up and I just apply whatever product I can reach for without having to search for too long.

I usually apply my concealer first on any blemishes and dark circles under my eyes and I like to set the concealer using a setting powder (surprise! Nahh..). I use a light bronzer to bronze up my face a bit so I don't look too pale and that's about it for my base!

I then apply some mascara and I fill in my brows using a dark eyeshadow color from a super cheap palette. Believe it or not, but this is everything I do and I know it's not very spectacular, but it's all I need to look okay for the day.

Products I mentioned:

Catrice concealer
Catrice setting powder
MUA bronzer
Too Faced 'better than sex' mascara
Catrice 'Nude' eyeshadow palette

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