5 Things: being more productive

October 19, 2015

When I told my friend I was going to write a post about how to be more productive, she started laughing and was like 'are you serious?'. I was, actually. This is why I'm writing this article. I don't just want to share my tips with you, but it should also be for myself. If you can write it, you can do it! So, these are my five tips on how to be more productive.

1) No need to be social
Social media has slowly but surely found a way into my daily routine. I check my social media accounts when I wake up, when I'm having my lunch, during class (oops!) and even when I go to bed. It's awful and I hate it. So, my rule number one on how to do more is to turn your phone off and log out! When I'm logged out, I usually don't really feel like logging in again, because it's such a waste of time and I'm too lazy. But, this means I won't be checking my social media every.single.second. Plus, don't forget to completely shut down your phone!

2) Make a plan and stick to it
I recently started planning everything and I noticed that when I didn't stick to my plan, I was angry at myself and when I actually did stick to my planning, I was happy and content. I use Google Calendar on my computer and on my phone I use the App CalenMob. It's so handy!

3) Just do it
Yes, like the Nike slogan. "I just really don't feel like it though." No, just do it because you know you'll feel so relieved once you've done the job. I, myself, often think "But I'll do this another time." when I should be replying to emails or finishing an essay. Stop procrastinating and just do the damn job. There is no later, there's only now and you should be doing what you have to do right now. (Are you procrastinating right now? Because then finish reading this post and do what you should be doing. ;))

4) One thing
Focus on only one thing at a time and remove anything that might distract you. As I previously mentioned: put that phone away and concentrate on what you should be doing. If your room is too distracting to study, go to a library or study in the living room. I sometimes even tell my parents to tell me to study and not to get distracted. It really helps!

5) Notebooks are a must-have
I love making to-do lists and ticking off tasks I've completed is so rewarding. I've always got a notebook with me so I can jot down what I still need to do wherever I am. And ta daa, I can tick off 'post on how to be more productive' on my to do list. Yes!

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