5 Things: makeup vanity clear out

October 24, 2015

I'd been thinking about cutting down my makeup collection for a long time before I actually decided to go for it and eliminate the things I didn't use. I realised quite a while ago that I was only buying make-up to grow my collection, but it's so stupid to buy things you'll never be able to use up. Once I became a vegan, I started to realise how we aren't just overconsuming meat, dairy and eggs, but also clothing and make-up. I realised that if I only bought what I really needed, I was a much happier and content person. People who have got a lot, only want more and I didn't want to become someone who would only be happy if I bought something. Anyway, enough philosophy for today. Let's get to business.

How to cut down your make-up collection.

1) The elimination round
The first thing you want to do is to get rid of any products that are out of date. Using outdated make-up is bad for your skin and you don't want to know what the chemicals will do to your body if you keep on using them.

2) Define your style
Secondly, you want to throw away any make-up that no longer suits your style. I decided not to keep baby pink colors or shades I would never wear. Also, I threw away every foundation that didn't suit my skin type (e.g. if you have foundations for dry skin but your skin tends to be really oily.). If any of your friends want to keep the make-up then give it to them instead of throwing it away, of course. :)

3) Do you really need it?
What do I really need and what am I going to actually use up? If you're like me and buy things because you think they look pretty or they're from a popular brand but you don't plan on actually using them, then stop that immediately. Write down what you really need and avoid impulse purchases, they're extremely dangerous! ;)

4) Get cleaning
I know that cleaning is probably the most boring part, but if you really want to go all the way, you've got to clean out that vanity! I cleaned every single brush and make-up product I own and this is like a second elimination round. If you see something you don't like, throw it away because there's no point in keeping things you're not planning on using.

5) Think twice
As I mentioned before you have to think twice about what you're buying when you're in a shop. E.g. You've run out of your favorite concealer, but you've still got three other concealers in your vanity, but they aren't as good as that other one. What to do now? Well, either use one of the other three concealers or throw them away. There's no point in keeping them when you don't want to use the products. Also, no more impulse buys is a ground rule and make a makeup shopping list and stick to it.

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