Comparing concealers

October 28, 2015

I hate running out of concealer, because I never know whether to buy a new one or just repurchase the previous one. I have been a fan of Catrice concealers for the longest time and I was actually planning on repurchasing the high coverage concealer, but they were out of stock so I had to buy another one. I picked up the velvet finish concealer because it looked quite promising and I thought it would be interesting to compare these two concealers.

The liquid camouflage concealer:
+ High coverage (especially for redness)
+ Cheaper than the velvet finish
- It dries out your skin if you have dry skin like me
- I wouldn't recommend using this if you have oily skin
- It dries quite quickly, which makes it harder to blend it into your skin
(Price: €3,59)

The velvet finish concealer:
+ It doesn't dry out your skin
+ It's a thicker substance
+ It's perfect for covering under-eye darkness
+ It's long-lasting
- Redness from spots is still visible
- Doesn't really suit oily skin
(Price: €4,59)

I hope this review was a bit helpful and if you have any recommendations for concealers, please let me know!

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