Cozy November inspiration

November 1, 2015


It's the 1st of November today which means we're celebrating World Vegan Day! Each year, 56 billion animals are slaughtered for human consumption. So, I'm asking you to try to eat vegan for just one day and take a moment to think about what these animals are going through. Murdering kind-hearted animals with feelings and a family is wrong in many ways and I could keep writing about veganism and why animals deserve their rights, but I know that people hate it when I talk about it, so I'll end my speech here. :)

What am I expecting from November? I'm excited for the Zalando Blogger Awards, I'm hoping I'll have more time for myself because I've studied non-stop lately and I'm exhausted. So, I need so start planning more (and better) so I can work more on my blog and have a social life besides uni. What are you expecting from November?

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