The birds and the beanie

October 30, 2015

I have this thing with beanies and dresses and they might just totally clash and look horrible together, I just don't care. I love wearing beanies during fall and I'll probably wear them until it's summer and too hot outside to even think about wearing a beanie. Yeah, beanies are my thing, haha. The dress I'm wearing is really old (I'm not even kidding) and it was really inexpensive, but the birds and the colors remind me of fall.

I think that people don't appreciate the trees enough during the fall time. It might sound crazy, but I just really, like really, love fall colors and my favorite place to be at this time of the year is in the park or I love going for walks. Yep. I should probably just let you see the photos of my outfit instead of rambling about nothing. It's really late now and I need my bed. Goodnight!

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