Prepping for Christmas and a playlist

November 27, 2015

Me and my christmas tree have really bonded over the past couple of weeks. My dad thought it was ridiculous to already put up my Christmas tree at the end of October, but living on your own 5 days a week can get really lonely and that's my excuse for the tree in my room. I also kind of-maybe-perhaps love Christmas? I'm just a fan of the most cozy time of year and can we just talk about how romantic old Christmas love songs are? Maybe I'm too early to mention all of this on my blog, but it's nearly December so I'm allowed to be super excited for the whole Christmas thing.

So, how do you prep your room for Christmas? The basics are (obviously) fairy lights, a tree (I have a fake one because I'd rather want the 'real' trees to live and stay alive for more than just one year), decorations for your tree, candy canes, candles (The gingerbread candle from Ikea is my favorite or festive cookies from Spaas), a Christmas-themed blanket, a star, greeting cards (to send to your friends and family), cute ribbons and:

This is a playlist I made for you to make you as excited as I am for the festivities! Click here for the playlist! Plus, tell me what your favorite Christmas song is!

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