The December to do list

November 30, 2015

I was inspired for this post by Marianna (she's one of my favorite bloggers) and celebrating my 19th birthday in December as well as Christmas means that it's going to be an amazing month! (Except for the part where I study 24/7 and constantly shiver because for some strange reason I'm always cold and it's been like that for my whole life.) Let's get started!

❆ Write a wishlist for Santa (or my parents, sorry if you still believe in Santa)
Decorate the Christmas tree back home 
Learn how to bake Christmas cookies (or just cookies in general haha)
Go for a walk in the snow
Buy new, cozy scarves
Invite my best friend for a chat, a cup of tea and cookies 

May your days be merry & bright.

Clean out my wardrobe (it's like a spring cleaning thing but in winter) ❆ 
 Buy an advent calendar, because I always forget to get one until it's too late ❆ 
Buy my family Christmas presents ❆ 
 Burn Christmas candles (I love Cinnamon and Vanilla) ❆ 
Send out Christmas cards and wishes for the New Year ❆ 

 (pictures from Weheartit)

❆ Build a snowman ☃ (if it snows, of course)
❆ Photograph the Christmas decorations in the city
❆ Visit the Christmas fair
❆ Drink hot chocolate (Almond milk + cocoa powder + cinnamon, yum!)
❆ Listen to Christmas music

What's on your December to do list? 

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