10 facts about me

December 3, 2015

I've actually never written a 'facts about me' post and after three years of blogging, I think it's time for you to properly get to know me. Let's get started!

1. I'm a fan of Christmas, not because I'm religious (because I'm not), but because it's the coziest time of the year and I finally have an excuse to buy my family presents and eat too many cookies and gingerbread. That brings us to the second fact.

2. I can't live without gingerbread. If you don't know what to buy me for my birthday, just get me some delicious (vegan) gingerbread and I'm the happiest person in the world. This is by the way the only unhealthy food you'll find in my kitchen cupboard. Yes, I'm hard-core when it comes to my gingerbread. It's sacred (in my world, haha!).

3. I'm actually pretty short and people always seem surprised of my height when they meet me and my two best friends are way taller than me, most of my friends are taller than me actually. I measure 1m 63cm and although I sometimes wish I was taller, I'm pretty content with my height.

4. I'm not very good at cycling. I once got hit by a car whilst bicycling to school and another time I almost got rid over by a 18m truck. Thankfully I survived, but my bike didn't.

5. I'm a passionate vegan and I sometimes forget that being vegan still isn't generally 'accepted' and people keep asking me 'why I don't eat any dairy products' or 'avoid eggs'. I also sometimes get too preachy, but I'm trying to understand other people's point of view because I once used to be uninformed too.

6. I like to furnish rooms which probably sounds crazy, but I just like to decorate bedrooms and living rooms. I get really into room decoration and I'll usually search inspiration first and then go shopping. Also, my room at home has a minimal design (everything is white, clean and modern) whereas my room in Leuven (where I go to uni) has a rustic design with flower patterned wallpaper and everything cute. I guess I like to experiment with different styles?

7. I can't bake pancakes. At all. They either burn, stick to the pan or something else happens to them. But, they always taste amazing! They might not look like the most delicious food in the world, but they taste amazing for sure!

8. I get pissed off quite easily when something I want to bake fails horribly or when something burns. I always end up saying 'I suck at cooking, I TOLD YOU SO, mum!' and then she magically solves everything. I don't know what I would do without my mum and her magical cooking powers, haha!

9. I'm a procrastinator and no matter how often I tell myself to do something I always start working on essays (or other projects that aren't as fun) when it's almost too late. I should really work on that.

10. My eyes are allergic to make-up (I might have mentioned that before on my blog). I basically can't wear eyeshadow or mascara without priming my eyes first. If I don't apply a primer, my eyes turn red and my eyelids are a bit swollen te next day. It isn't too bad, but it's just really annoying...

That were the 10 facts about me! Do you have any strange habits/allergies? :)

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