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December 18, 2015

It's been a while since we last spoke and it feels so weird to finally be blogging again, although it won't be for long. Tomorrow is the first day of locking myself up in my room, getting up super early and eating super healthy. My exams start the 11th of January and I'm scared yet excited for the exams, crazy right? Anyway, I just wanted to share some photos of new things I got with you because it's been too long since my last proper blog post. When I started uni, I thought I'd have so much time to work on my blog and have a social life, but that's sadly not the case. I love uni (I know I probably sound crazy, haha!), but I would like to have a social life and speak to my friends more often but hey, if I want a degree in something I love I have to work for it. And I'm rambling on again, sorry! The pretty necklace and bracelet are both from Sammydress and so is the poncho. I will be showing these items in an outfit post soon, or at least I'll try to find the time to post the outfit... I can't promise you anything. Have a lovely evening!


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