Dresses for the festive season

December 14, 2015

Yes, I actually do wear something else than christmas jumpers and warm fluffy socks during the festive season. Although I mostly spend my days in cardigans and turtle-neck sweaters, I won't lie. Buying cute dresses for Christmas' Eve and New Year's Eve is something I love to do, though. So, I thought I'd help you pick the perfect Christmas/NYE outfit (if you haven't got one already) and today I'm sharing my favorite dresses with you!

faux leather collar dress / tunic dress / fringe dress / guipure dress

· The little black dress ·

My ultimate wardrobe basic is probably the little black dress. Although I own too many already, I still think you can never have enough cute, stylish little black dresses. Wear them with pumps, platforms or a simple pair of ballerina shoes and you're all dressed up for the festivities! 

metallic bead dress / embroidery bead dress / flapper dress / white bodycon dress
· Just bead it ·

I'm usually not the biggest fan of beaded dresses, but when I stumbled upon these ones from Mango and Asos, I think I might have fallen in love with beads. They make any outfit or any dress look festive and you don't even have to try. I might have to add one of these to my wardrobe... but the one on the right is so gorgeous, right?

· Midi Maxi · 

I'm saving the best for last: gorgeous maxi and midi dresses. This is the reason why I would like to be a couple cm taller, because being quite short means it's almost impossible to find a midi dress that doesn't look like a maxi dress or a maxi dress that doesn't make you look like a midget, haha!

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