I'm 19?

December 9, 2015

I celebrated my birthday yesterday and I still can't believe I'm actually 19 now. To me, it feels like I have to act like a grown-up now, an adult. But I'm still a silly, insecure, passionate, timid girl with a blog. I remember never wanting to grow up as a nine-year old girl and a couple of years later, I always wanted to stay 17 years old. It's crazy to think about how fast the time goes, one day you're this little girl with not a single care in the world and playing with Barbie dolls and Playmobil is the most important thing in the world. The other day you're an adult with responsibilities, insecurities and worries. You have to start thinking about where you want to go, which goals you want to reach, what you have to cook for dinner etc. Crazy! Anyway, this was just a short update to tell you guys that I'm officially old now, haha! Have a lovely day!

Ps: thanks for baking this awesome vegan cake, dad!

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