Room decor details Part two

December 10, 2015

I promised you a long, long time ago that I would post more photos of my room in Leuven, which is where I go to uni (fyi). Guess what happened? I forgot about it, as you do. I've been super busy lately and I haven't even had the time to take outfit photos, let alone photos of my room decor. Uni comes first, then my social life, then my blog. Also, my computer has annoyed me lately. The battery doesn't really work anymore (it goes from 100% to 0% in less than ten minutes) and it's so slow!
Anyway, those were flimsy excuses. Let's get to business! As you might have seen in my Christmas post, my adorable tree is my favorite thing in my room. I didn't take any pictures of it for this post though, but you can check out the post if you want to see it! To make my room feel a bit more festive, I added a garland and a cute Christmas sock. The other parts of my room aren't as festive, so I've still got a lot of decorating to do! :) I hope you'll enjoy these photos and get inspired!

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