Minimal Makeup Bag Basics

April 27, 2016

I clearly remember being (almost) obsessed with makeup, watching YouTube beauty gurus promote the latest products and me wanting to buy every single product because I would finally be cool then, I would be so much happier with that one product that I was missing in my beauty stash. Two years later, my perspective on makeup and beauty products in general has completely changed. I only buy what I need and if I run out of something, I'll just buy a new product that is exactly the same. Not because I'm against change, but because I genuinely like the makeup I'm currently using and I don't see a point in changing it anytime soon.

There really is no need to own thirty mascaras and every shade of foundation of ten different brands. If you like a certain product, then stick with it and don't spend unnecessary money on products you'll never use up. With that being said, I listed up my makeup bag basics that I use on an everyday basis (although I don't wear makeup every day, because I like to give my skin a break now and then).

Catrice camouflage cream (010 Ivory)
Catrice velvet finish concealer (010 Velvet Ivory)
Mua bronzer (shade 3)
Catrice prime and fine powder
Catrice absolute nude eyeshadow palette 
(I use the darkest shade for my eyebrows and the lighter ones on my eyelids)
Essence maximum definition mascara

I would love to know what you think about buying lots of makeup you'll never use and makeup gurus who own a room full of makeup (I'm not exaggerating when I say this). Have a lovely evening!

Four Days In Venezia · Part Two

April 23, 2016

I'm back with part two of my Venice travel diary! You're probably bored with seeing all of these Venice-related posts, but I love traveling (who doesn't?) and I really like sharing my travel diary with you. If you haven't seen part one yet, you can find it here and this is my top ten must-visit places. So, here's part two and I hope you'll enjoy reading this! 
Day Three

After a relaxing breakfast, we did some window-shopping and walked around for a bit. If you want to buy clothing or makeup in Venice, you'll find the best shops around the Rialto bridge. We met up with my brother because he was in Venice with his school and we ate some pizza at the restaurant called 'Osteria Barababao'. 

After our lunch, we decided to visit the Peggy Guggenheim museum where I saw paintings of Dali , Magritte and Picasso and I must say that Dali is definitely my favorite surrealistic painter! After visiting the Guggenheim, my brother took some outfit photos (life of a blogger, haha!) and he had to return to his school friends. My dad and I got lost once again in the tiny streets of Venice, but we managed to find our way back to the hotel. 

In the evening, we took the Vaporetto (line 2) along the Grand Canal and I'm pretty sure that this is one of my favorite moments of the whole trip. The buildings and palaces look gorgeous at night!

 Day Four

This was our last day in Venice, so we had to pack our bags again and leave the hotel. We left early so we still had a couple of hours to visit things. I bought some dates at the Rialto market which is actually a fish market, but they had lots of fruit too.

We then walked to Ca' Rezzonico which is a stunning palace next to the Grand Canal. It isn't very touristy, but that made the visit a lot more pleasant and relaxing. One of the richest families in Venice lived there, which is why it's so overly ornamented.

That was all we did on our last day, because we had to catch our plane and head home again... I hope you enjoyed reading this travel diary and I hope I'll be able to post another one from another travel soon. Who knows?

10 Places To Visit In Venice

April 19, 2016

Ever wanted to travel to Venice, but you don't know what to do and what's worth a visit? I did some research before traveling to the city and I wanted to share my favorite spots with you. (You can find my Instagram travel diary here and this is Part One of the Venice travel diary on my blog.) There's a lot to do and to visit in Venice, but there's also a lot that isn't worth spending your time or money. There are so many things you could do instead of waiting for hours in a ticket line. These are my 10 favorite places to visit in Venice:

1. Libreria Aqua Alta
A bookshop that looks tiny from the outside, but the amount of books stacked inside the shop is unreal and photogenic. This is like a free museum and you can buy an awesome souvenir here! (Calle Lunga Santa Maria Formosa, 5176/B, 30122)

2. Rialto Bridge 
Another free place to visit is the Rialto bridge. I don't know if it's still under construction, but it's quite the experience to get lost in the mass and see the touristic shops on the bridge.

3. Ca' Rezzonico
This is probably the least popular palace along the Canal Grande, but it's definitely the most gorgeous palace. There aren't that many tourists which means that you can take your time to walk around in the huge building that is overly ornamented. (Dorsoduro, 3136, 30123).

4. Piazza San Marco
This piazza is pretty popular and crowded, but you can't visit Venice and not walk around this square. Just a warning: if you don't want to leave Venice as a poor man/woman, don't buy any drinks on this square because it's extremely expensive and not worth your money.

5. Collezione Peggy Guggenheim
If you're not a fan of art, then this probably isn't the place for you to be. I'll be honest with you: I didn't like the museum that much, but some paintings were absolutely gorgeous and it's a part of the Venezia-experience, I think. (Dorsoduro, 701-704, 30123)

6. Take the vaporetto along the Grand Canal
If you don't want to spend all your money on water taxis or on gondola rides, then the vaporetto (which is the water bus) is a much cheaper alternative. Take line 2 for the best views.

7. Rialto market
This is the place where Venetians get their fish, fruit en vegetables in the mornings. The fish market is pretty photogenic although quite disturbing for a vegan or vegetarian. But, they sell the tastiest dates and bananas, haha!

8. The bridge of sighs
A popular Instagram spot, but worth a visit. If you've got enough time, you can actually go inside the bridge and stare out.

9. Canareggio
My favorite district is probably the Canareggio district because it's where you'll see the real Venetians, the food and drinks are a lot cheaper and there are tiny, cute shops everywhere. No made-in-china things you'd rather throw in the bin than keep them.

10. Walking around
I think that, if you really want to get to know Venice and feel one with the city, you have to get lost and walk around without a map. But, Google Maps can be really handy sometimes because you don't know where you'll end up.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what your favorite place in Venice is and which travel destinations you recommend!

Spring Ramblings & Happenings

April 14, 2016

Quite a lot has happened since my last post about my trip to Venice and I can no longer count the amount of times I wished I could turn back time and just be back in Venice. The day after the article about Venice, I was sent to the hospital by my doctor because I needed to have surgery as soon as possible. I'll spare you the details, but I basically had an abscess around my tailbone and if I waited any longer, I would get sick and the recovery from a surgery would be a lot worse and more painful.

Let's skip the boring part of me waking up from the surgery and living on painkillers. I'm a lot better now, however I still can't sit or sleep on my back. (Yes, I'm currently writing this whilst standing up, haha). The wound needs to be cleaned every single day (it's about 2cm deep) and it hurts like hell. I don't cry often, but this makes me cry almost every time. If I had to rate the pain, I'd give it an 11/10. The would is still open (gross, I know) and it takes about 3-4 weeks to heal. I'm going to try to follow lectures at uni next week, but I don't know how long it'll take before I can sit down again.

That's why I've been absent lately and why you don't see me on social media or on my blog a lot. But, because I didn't want to neglect my blog, I made a list of things that I'm currently liking or would like to have. Also, sorry if you found this whole post tmi, but I just quickly wanted to share this with you, haha. :) Have a lovely day!

Four Days in Venezia · Part One

April 7, 2016

Venice, or Venezia, is gorgeous, there's no denying. I went to Venice a couple of years ago when we were on a school trip through Italy and we only stayed in Venice for a day. But, when you've been to the city before, you'll probably understand that only one day certainly wasn't long enough. When you walk through the streets of Venice, next to the little canals, there's simply too much to see and too much to do. When me and my dad were looking for places to visit in Italy, we decided to book an impromptu trip to Venice and oh man, it was one of the best decisions in my life.

I enjoyed every second of my time in Venice and I would certainly go back, just because I haven't seen it all and even four days is too short to get to know the city on water. I decided to share my travel diary with you so you get an idea of the things you have to visit when in Venezia. There's lots!

· Day One ·

We arrived in the city around 10am and decided to walk all the way to our little hotel which wasn't the best place to stay, but it was okay. Let's be honest: you don't spend a lot of time in a tiny hotel room when you're in Venice, right? However, the hotel was perfectly situated as it was only a two minute walk to the Rialto bridge and it was about ten minutes away from San Marco square. The hotel was called 'Canera', if you're interested.

On the first day, we decided to check out the Rialto bridge, we bought some dates and bananas at the Rialto market and walked around the city. We didn't have a particular destination, but not having a plan is the best way to get to know Venice. You get lost so easily and it's really frustrating when you've got somewhere to be and you can't seem to find it (some places are hidden, even on a map). I think my dad and I walked around for a good five hours and we ate some bread with chocolate whilst walking through the tiny streets. For dinner, we just chose a random restaurant in Dorsoduro. It's a pretty cheap place to eat and the buildings gorgeous.

Vegan food: the bread is pretty much all vegan and if you're craving some pizza, ask for the vegetarian pizza without the cheese, easy peasy! Also, the dry pasta is vegan, the fresh one isn't, so be sure to ask them!

· Day Two ·

After a long day of walking and a horrible night's sleep, we woke up pretty early and after having a delicious breakfast (I had cereal with banana and granola with cinnamon - my favorite!), we started making our way through the city again. We visited Libraria Aqua Alta, which is a must-see when in Venice! It's a bookshop filled with thousands and thousands of books. There's also a cute staircase made out of old books at the back of the shop which gives you a view of the canal with the gondola's.

I bought a little book from 1930 for €4! For lunch, we bought a salad and olive bread and ate it next to the canal, in the sun. This was probably my favorite moment during the whole trip. It was so relaxing and it felt like a real holiday. No worries, just some fresh bread, the water and the sun. Awesome!

If you're wondering where we ate our lunch: it's a tiny street across Strada Nuova, in front of Lush. After our lunch, we went back to the hotel for a couple of hours because I had some uni work to do. I had my philosophy book with me because I had to study (I know, it's horrible!) After the study-session, we drank some coffee tea with my dad's friends at the Margerita-square and we had to head back to our hotel because it got too cold. We had dinner in one of the best vegan restaurants I've been to in my whole entire life and even my dad thought the food was incredibly delicious. The restaurant was called ' Mario Alla Fava' and it was really close to our hotel (about a 1 min. walk). We both had the pesto pasta and for dessert, I chose the almond cupcake with coconut sauce and oh my, that was amazing! My dad had vegan chocolate ice cream in a soup of strawberries.

So, that was the end of the first part of my Venice travel diary. I will be posting the second part in about a week or so (I have to study for my exams right now and write two essays so I don't have much time to blog.). I hope you enjoyed this post and see you soon!

Midi Skirts in Venezia

April 2, 2016

After spending the four most amazing days in Venice, I'm back home and I've got loads of university work to do. But, I wanted to share my outfit from Venice right away because it's honestly one of my favorite outfits to wear. The weather in Venice wasn't that amazing, so there was no way I would be wearing pretty dresses. However, if the sun isn't shining that bright but I want to wear something elegant, I always put this outfit on. A midi skirt, a basic shirt and a pretty jacket. It's so simple, but perfect for the weather we had in Venice.

I will be writing a couple of posts about things you have to visit when you're in Venice and places you have go for a delicious dinner. I wrote it all down for you and I will be sharing my tips & tricks next week. Have a lovely day!

jacket: Cavalli // skirt: New Look // shirt: H&M // shoes: Doc Martens

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