FOOD | What I Ate Today #5

October 23, 2016

Goodmorning! It's been super cold these last couple of days and I love making myself a warm, filling bowl of porridge in the morning to start the day. I always feel so much better when I eat a large breakfast! My lunch was pretty special for a Saturday because I was working on my ebook and that calls for recepy testing. My dinner was pretty simple and healthy to make up for the waffles and salty chips I had earlier that day. I kept it pretty light so I could eat more dessert. Who doesn't like apple pear crumble on a cold, autumnal day? I know I do! Bon appétit!

LIFE | Autumn Moodboard

October 18, 2016

photo credits: Pinterest

I'm a Fall person, I like my almond milk hot chocolate, pumpkin squash and big cozy scarves. Also, I can't write about my autumn moodboard without mentioning fall candles and Halloween. I decided to make a list of things that make autumn so lovely to get you in the cozy mood if you weren't already. What are your favorite autumnal things? 

Favorite food: oatmeal with apples, raisins and cinnamon; sweet potato puree, pumpkin soup, apple crumble pie.
Favorite clothing: cozy scarves, teddy coats, warm sweaters, socks, beanies.
Favorite decorations: dried leaves, cinnamon candles, blankets, pinecones.
Favorite activities: walks in the forest, drinking cinnamon tea, Halloween, reading books.

STYLE | The Checked Scarf and Cigarette Trousers

October 16, 2016

The one thing I regret the most in the world right now is probably not having shot a picture of the back of the blouse I'm wearing in these photos. It's absolutely gorgeous and yes, you're missing out. But I'm pretty sure this won't be the only time I'm showing you this grey blouse because I'm in love with it. I bought the blouse in Spain last summer and it makes every outfit effortlessly classy. The warm scarf is my favorite autumn staple and the colors fit the teddy coat so well. I got the trousers in Paris a month ago and I wasn't able to wear them because of my surgery, but now that I'm (almost) healed I'm so excited to wear them more often! I would love to know how you would style these cigarette trousers!

trousers: Topshop // shoes: vegan Doc Martens // shirt: Stradivarius // scarf: H&M // coat: Sammydress

FOOD | What I Ate Today #4

It's Sunday, which means I'm sharing another What I Ate today video with you! This is what I typically eat on a Saturday in autumn. I love to kick off my day with Weetabix, then have something warm for lunch (like cooked oats, or pancakes) and my dinner is usually pretty simple (something with rice or rice noodles in this case). Enjoy the video!

FOOD | What I Ate Today #3

October 10, 2016

I've been really enjoying filming and editing 'What I ate today videos' lately as it's something completely different than blogging. Of course I love my blog and I can't wait to start posting outfit pictures again soon, but to relax and enjoy myself after a long week of uni I like to keep myself busy with filming and editing videos. I know some people think it's ridiculous to film what you eat in a day, but to me it's a form of entertainment and distraction. I hope you'll enjoy this video as much as I do and I would love to know what you think of 'what I ate today' videos (even if you dislike them)!

FOOD | Breakfast Recipes for a Productive Day

October 7, 2016

Sometimes my schedule for the day is quite hectic, especially when I've got a lot of work for university and my day seems too short to get it all done. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I like getting energized for the busy day ahead, I like to have a tasty, healthy 'brekkie'. My favorite healthy breakfasts are banana bread, nicecream and oatmeal. I would love to know what you like to eat for breakfast when there's a busy day ahead.

If you've been wondering why I haven't been updating my blog that frequently lately, it's because I've been traveling or working on my ebook and I'm currently still recovering from surgery which makes it impossible to take outfit photos. But hopefully I'll be able to update lots more once I'm healed and settled for uni.

The banana nicecream pictured at the top of this blog post is my favorite way to start the day when I'm planning on breaking a sweat. E.g. working out, doing chores etc. It immediately makes me feel awake and it's so easy to make. You just add three bananas to a food processor and add some cocoa powder. Blend and serve!


Oatmeal is my top favorite breakfast. Ever since I traveled to America about a year ago, I've been hooked on oatmeal. I love making my oats with almond milk in the microwave and lately, I've been adding blackstrap molasses to them for extra 'health' (not pictured though). I always add some seeds on top, this time I added flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds (for Omega 3 and magnesium). Delicious and nutritious!


I'm a banana bread fan and I'm still creating new banana bread recipes because I can't get enough of it. One of my most successful recipes will be in my ebook, but for now you can use my 'older' recipe. I promise it's super tasty! Banana bread always fills me up and keeps me going for hours.

FOOD | Cauliflower Couscous Salad

October 2, 2016

It's been all about food on my blog lately, so I'm sharing another recipe with you today! This super healthy, yummy and easy cauliflower couscous salad is one of my absolute favorite dishes to make. I made a little video on how to prepare this salad and I really hope you'll enjoy watching (and maybe making) the recipe! Bon appétit!

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