October 12, 2017

Coming to the UK to study abroad does have its downsides, but the perks most definitely outweigh the negative aspects of being an Erasmus student. I get to try out products we don't have in Belgium, my tastebuds are getting to know new vegan food options and thrift shops are around the corner. About a year ago I promised myself to buy less sweatshop-made clothes and I am proud to say that the only items I bought that were not sweatshop-free are some socks and underwear from Primark. I'm not proud of those purchases, but they were very necessary and rather urgent. I will be showing you some of the thrifted items in another post, though (when I find both the time and a photographer). The other items I bought are completely cruelty-free and vegan, which is wonderful. Let's get started.

If you know me, you might also know that my second name is 'Bookworm and Collector' and I suck at not buying anything in secondhand bookstores. When you're practically surrounded by these bookstores, life can get hard and not buying anything suddenly becomes a challenge. Anywho, the first book I purchased was 'The Time in Between', which is absolutely brilliant and tells the story of Nancy Tucker and her battle with both anorexia and bulimia. I also already finished reading Harry Potter and the cursed child and the shock of the fall. Both books I adored and I would most certainly recommend them if you're looking for a good book. The others are still waiting in line to be read.

The weather has not been kind to my skin and neither have the sneaky biscoff cookies (and the bourbon creams - yes, they're vegan!) with my cup of tea in the morning. My skin doesn't like sugar or even the slightest change of climate which caused too many breakouts for my liking. I headed to Lush for a bottle of Tea Tree Water, my favorite, and something new called Grease Lighting. It is supposed to make spots disappear before they get the chance to shine, although I'm not sure if this is working for me. It might need a couple more weeks to start working. Until then, I'm covering up my blemishes with a liquid concealer and a concealer stick from Natural Collection. These aren't the greatest, they were quite cheap so I was prepared, but they do the job (kind of).

The 'Gentle Powder Love' shower gel isn't something I would usually include in a shopping haul, but it smells like heaven, it was made in the UK and it is 100% cruelty-free so I would definitely recommend getting your hands on this bottle of happiness!

Oh, hey me in the reflection! Last but not least I couldn't help myself when standing in front of the Makeup Revolution stand in Superdrug. I sneakily bought two lipsticks, Chauffeur and the matte version of this color, and I have been wearing Chauffeur non-stop every single day. The color is absolutely gorgeous and nude, which makes my makeup feel very natural and perfect to wear during the day. The matte lipstick, however, isn't my favorite since it's a tad bit too light for me. Anywho, I am pretty happy with my purchases so far!

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