October 14, 2017

Last Saturday, exactly one week ago, I gathered the courage to leave my cozy little dorm room on campus and headed to Nottingham. I also want to warn you before you continue reading this post and perhaps slightly judge me. Since I wanted to be home before the sun would be going down, I didn't have enough time to thoroughly get to know the city and thus, I'm just sharing what I did and loved in Robin Hood's town (which isn't very impressive).

The first thing I did, which I had been really excited for all week, was visiting Nottingham castle and discovering the caves beneath it. I bought a ticket for a guided tour and it was one of the best £5 I have spent (so far) during my time in the UK. The guide gave us an entertaining insight into the history of the castle and why Nottingham used to be called "Snottingham".

My stomach was rumbling after walking around for a while and I headed towards Zizzi's, an italian restaurant with a vegan menu. Zizzi's is located beside the old market square, of which I did not get a photograph because it was decorated for an event, but the buildings surrounding the square are gorgeous.

I strolled through the popular shopping street with the 'typical' highstreet brands, searching for the Lace Market, but gave up after thirty minutes of mindless walking. I did some thrift shopping (of which I will be doing an outfit post hopefully soon) and headed back to the bus stop to head back home. This concludes my short trip to Nottingham, but if you're interested in seeing what I ate on this particular day you can watch the video below.

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