November 1, 2017

Autumn has arrived and the season has brought a chilly wind, a steep decrease in temperature and the need for warmer coats. Last weekend I traveled to Birmingham for the weekend, accompanied by my lovely dad, and I asked him to take a couple of outfit pictures (which ended up being around 80 photos altogether, thanks, dad!). As you can see I was wearing quite a fair few layers on this day and thank goodness I did. It was pretty cold and the wind was not very gentle, but seeing the impressive architecture in Birmingham was definitely worth it!

I wore my good old teddy bear coat, which I got from one of those cheap Chinese websites that I would no longer even consider buying from as it's most certainly not sweatshop-free. But I was fairly new to blogging at the time and getting free stuff was exciting and cool (eye-roll). Anywho, long story short, I love the teddy bear coat and I need to get my hands on a thrifted one to replace this one as it's a tad bit worn-out.

I also wore my favourite trousers from American Apparel, an oversized jumper with a blouse underneath (both pieces were from Vero Moda), my trusty old Doc Martens (the vegan edition) and my fancy Matt and Natt backpack (also vegan, fyi). I hope you've enjoyed reading this far too long explanation of my outfit and watching me pull funny faces and looking stern as well. Have a lovely day! (PS: it's world vegan day today, yay!) 

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