October 21, 2017


Another weekend, another travel destination I'd been dreaming of visiting one day. I love discovering cities with stunning architecture because of the photo opportunities and the atmosphere. I am one of those people who scroll through Instagram in hope to find new places where I can aimlessly stroll with a camera in my hand. Bath ticked all of those boxes and I was excited to hop on the bus, drive for far too many hours and spend the afternoon in the city. Although I most certainly didn't get enough time to capture all of the wondrous places in Bath, I wanted to share these photos with you and I am most definitely going back soon.


I hope I don't break your heart when honestly saying that Stonehenge was just slightly disappointing. I had never seen the infamous monument in real life and thus, pictured it to be much more impressive than it eventually turned out to be. Yes, the stones were enormous but they weren't as massive as I thought they would be. Nevertheless, it was very interesting to learn about the history of Stonehenge and it was a must-see monument.

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