Closed doors

November 27, 2013

Finally, another outfit post! Sorry you had to wait so long, but I had no time to take pictures because it's usually dark when I come home from school. My mum wanted to take pictures of me, so thanks mum! She always loves trying out new stuff with my camera, so that's why almost all the pictures were taken a bit slantwise. Gotta love her though :)
I am wearing my grandma's blouse, black trousers from Jbc, my beanie from Paris and my all time favorite Dr. Martens. Have a nice day!

We'll be counting stars

November 20, 2013

Here it is! The outfit post where you can see me wearing the items I got from Zalando. It was freezing cold outside so that’s why I got goosebumps on every picture. Thank god my brother still wanted to take pictures of my outfit in this cold, unpleasant weather.
The dress is so lovely to wear and I absolutely love the dip-dye/ombre effect and the length of the dress (it really makes your legs look longer).
The bag is just big enough for me and the inside is, as I said before, the cutest with the star printed fabric.

Zalando collaboration - the items

November 19, 2013

(bag: Even&Odd* - €19.95; dress: Evil Twin* - €94,95 €29,95)

There's probably a lot of bloggers who are having these annoying it's-already-dark-when-you're-coming-home-from-school moments who make it almost impossible to take pictures for an outfit post. Such a shame as I was planning to show you the dress and the bag I got from Zalando*. They contacted me a few weeks ago for a collaboration and they were wondering if I was interested. Well why not? I was given a voucher of €50 and these are the items that I chose to buy. You don't have to pay any shipping costs, which is an advantage. :) I bought a cute fake-leather bag from Even&Odd and a see-through dip-dye dress from Evil Twin. The inside of the bag is so cute with the star-printed fabric. I can't wait to show you the items in an outfit post tomorrow, so stay updated!

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel

November 17, 2013

A few days ago, my mum returned from her holiday in Gran Canaria and she brought me this lovely perfume. It had always been n°1 on my wishlist because it smells so sweet and the scent is no too overwhelming. I honestly can't wait to use it more often! What's your favorite perfume?

Open your eyes

November 16, 2013

I don't know why my camera won't take good quality pictures, maybe because there's something wrong with the lens? Anyways, you can see what I'm wearing. The leather skirt is one of my favorite items this fall, it suits almost everything. The top is from Italy, I bought it a few years ago but never actually wore it although it's pretty cool. The watch is my grandpa's (that's what my mum told me) and I totally adore it, it's so cute with the little moon in the middle, it's a shame it doesn't work anymore... Have a nice day!


November 14, 2013

(source: Tumblr)

I don't know why I always post inspiration with 'white' as the main theme, but I guess it's because it relaxes me. It's fresh and clean, I can sit behind my computer and watch such pictures a whole day long, haha. I fell in love with the simple design of the rings in the second picture. The sequin shorts are super cute, not that I would wear them, but they're risky and cool. Have a nice evening. xxx Nausikaä

Dotted nails

November 13, 2013

It's been ages since I last painted my nails, so I thought I'd do it this afternoon as I was studying History. The pictures aren't very sharp because it was slightly getting darker and my camera always decides to bully me at those moments. I usually don't like painting my nails because it takes ages to dry and I have no patience at all. I also created a new layout for the blog, do you like/dislike it? xxx Nausikaä


November 12, 2013

I thought I'd share my source for inspiration with you, namely Tumblr. You're being inspired by pictures taken all over the world and the variety is huge. I remember making an account on Tumbr about three years ago and it was a rosy and cute, thank god my style changed, haha. Anyways, if you have an account on Tumblr, let me know! This is mine for those who are interested: Crystalised. 
xxx Nausikaä

My Sunday Favourites

November 10, 2013

The title couldn't be more creative, I just thought 'what makes me happy on a normal, quite cold Sunday?' I wrote everything down on a paper and these were my four Sunday Favourites: my new red lipstick from Hema (I love the colour!), Lana Del Rey (listening to this cd makes me relax), my smiley-face Dr. Martens boots (yup, they make me smile :)) and a doughnut. Crazy but true. What are your Sunday Favourites? xxx Nausikaä

Zara bomber jacket

November 8, 2013

As the days are getting shorter, it is so difficult to take pictures for outfit posts. When I get home from school, it is slightly getting darker and when my brother (aka my photographer) returns from his school, it's completely dark and impossible to take good pictures. I probably won't be posting any outfit posts in the week, so you'll have to wait till the weekends... *sad face* That doesn't mean I can't post any diy's or just personal stuff, I won't be disappointing you, I promise.
About the bomber jacket then (see it here). I bought it in Zara in Aachen last week and there was a really nice discount on it so I couldn't leave it there, right? :) It's really comfy and warm so I don't freeze in the winter. Zara never disappoints, right? ;) xxx Nausikaä

Rainy days

November 6, 2013

I am a big fan of plain white shirts, because they suit almost every outfit and they're cheap (win-win situation ;)). So, that's why I decided to combine it with my (fake) leather skirt and the Zara bomber jacket I bought yesterday. The jacket looks a bit old and vintage on the pictures, but it's not like that actually, haha. The sleeves have fake-leather edges and so has the zipper, the fabric of the jacket is plain black. It's quite hard to explain, but I think you kinda get an idea of what the jacket looks like in 'real-life'.
Taking the pictures wasn't the easiest job, because it was raining and my brother was scared that his camera might get too wet, so we rushed outside, took the pictures and now I've got to start studying. I look a bit angry on the first picture, but that's because it's cold, it's raining and it's school again tomorrow... Haha. Maybe the song at the bottom of this post might cheer you up. Have a nice, rainy day! ;) xxx Nausikaä


November 2, 2013

(source: weheartit)

I love scrolling through weheartit, tumblr and other sites to inspire myself for clothing diy's or just ideas to cheer my bedroom up. I noticed that the 'all star' shoes are coming back and they're getting quite popular just like Dr. Martens boots. I like the idea and the look of bleached jeans and a basic white shirt, simple but stylish. Where do you get your inspiration? xxx Nausikaä

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