Rimmel Vinyl Gloss

May 31, 2014

I recently got the Vinyl Gloss from Rimmel and I just had to write something about this lovely lip gloss. First of all, it's not sticky and the colour is so stunning. The lipgloss has got a subtle shine and it's perfect if you want to create a nude look. I got mine in the colour 290-Be famous and I am completely honest with you, this lip gloss is amazing and I got it for only €2, which is such a bargain! I can't wait to wear this gloss more often. Have you got any Rimmel lip glosses in your make-up stash? 

Oh so pink

May 30, 2014

 (shirt: Topshop; skirt*: Zalando; shoes and socks: H&M; clutch: C&A)

The warm sun from the past few days has disappeared, so it's actually a bit too cold to go out with bare legs but I just really wanted to wear my new skirt from Zalando. I paired it with my adorable top from Topshop that I've been wearing too much lately and some boots from H&M. The black faux leather clutch is from C&A and I've been loving it lately. It's just large enough for a wallet, my phone and some beauty stuff. What do you think of the pastel colours?

Currenly loving: Jelly shoes

May 27, 2014

 (in order: asos - missguided - juju)

I don't know what it is about them that makes me love these shoes so much. I've currently been crushing on jelly shoes, probably because they remind me of my childhood a lot. My parents once told me that every time we went to a lake, I'd take my jellies with me and I'd lose them or throw them in the lake and then I was like 'uh oh'. They bought me five new pairs and then realised it was hopeless. Those childhood memories though.
I really want to order some new jelly shoes and so, I collected some pictures from several websites just to inspire you. What are your thoughts on jelly shoes?

Catrice blush pearls

May 26, 2014

This is the prettiest blush I have ever seen in my life. The Catrice blush pearls look so stunning and the packaging makes it looks really expensive and posh even though I paid less than five Euro for it. I've been wanting to try new blusher out for so long but I never think of buying some when I'm in the drugstore. But when these adorable blush pearls from the Catrice limited edition caught my eye, I was sold. The pink blusher is so pretty and it gives your cheeks a healthy colour. Nothing more to say about it, it's a must have in my beauty collection!

Review: ebay beauty blender dupe

May 22, 2014

I recently ordered some beauty stuff on Ebay because I'd actually never done that before. Since I have been looking for an other beauty blender for a long time (I'm currently using an H&M one), I ordered a nude coloured sponge for less than one Euro, bargain! So I thought, why not write a short review for those who are interested?
I wanted to see if this cheap beauty blender is a good dupe for the real (expensive) one. The easiest way to apply your foundation or concealer with the blender is by making it wet with some cold water. The sponge gets a bit larger and it's so easy and quick to apply a layer of foundation. I like to wash my sponges quite often and I noticed that this beauty blender doesn't look that good after washing it a few times. But that's basically the only remark, I'm so glad I got this and if you're interested in buying it, you can find it here. Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

New in: interior

May 20, 2014

Hi! I actually wanted to post a clothing haul today, but I just realised I haven't bought any clothing lately. (what's happening to me?) So I thought I'd share some stuff I got to make my bedroom a bit more comfy and cute. I've been a huge fan of candles lately (my mum's scared I'm going to burn the house down some day), because they just really make me feel like home. I got two quite fresh scenting candles from Hema and I'm in love with them. The next thing I got isn't that new actually since it's a vase I once got for my mum but she didn't use it. I decided to put some fake flowers in it and I used it as a money-box for my coins. The last thing I got was a cute tray from a local store and it looks so cute with some perfume bottles and bracelets. That was all I got, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

No place I'd rather be

May 16, 2014

Hi there! Since it's Fashion Friday again, I asked my sweet brother if he wanted to take pictures of my outfit and so he did. I'm wearing a simple white sweater that I made myself a long time ago, my high-waisted trousers are from Topshop and so are my shoes and my socks. The bracelet I'm wearing is from a tourist shop in Venice. The sun was shining really brightly today and the wind kinda made my hair fly into my mouth every five seconds haha. :) I hope you're all having a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

My daily make-up routine

May 13, 2014

Hi there! So, today I wanted to write a bit about my daily make-up routine since I actually never talk about it (well I don't really talk, I write haha). I'm not a make-up artist, I just like to try different things out and I just do my thing when it comes to make-up. I just use it to cover any blemishes and my I-just-got-out-of-bed face. Anyway, let's get into it!

I start of by rinsing my face when I get out of bed and I brush my hair. Done that, I like to put my hair up in a knot to keep it safely away from my face.

Cover stick Since I'm not a big fan of applying multiple layers of foundation to my face, I like to cover any blemishes on my face with the Essence cover stick. I got it a few months ago but I never really used it, I started using the cover stick again a few weeks ago and it's really easy to apply.

Foundation The foundation I'm currently using is the Maybelline Fit me foundation. It's a shade too dark for me, I think but I haven't found a better one in the right shade yet. (if you have any recommendations, please leave them in your comment! :)) I apply one layer of the foundation, using my H&M beauty blender. I think it's a good dupe for the real, expensive beauty blender.

Concealer The concealer/highlighter I like to use is the Catrice light-reflecting concealer. I apply it  under my eyes and on any blemishes that are still visible by using my beauty blender.

The next step is applying eyeshadow, I usually don't wear eyeshadow every day because I haven't got much time in the morning, but when I wear it, I like to use my Sleek 'Garden of Eden' palette. I'm in love with the colours!

Eyeshadow primer To prevent the eyeshadow from fading, I use the Catrice primer. It makes your eyeshadow waterproof and it lasts all day.

Eyeshadow I usually start off by applying the colour 'Eve's kiss' onto my eyelids, then I apply 'Paradise on earth' on my crease. I use the colour 'Python' as an eye-liner because I think it's pretty and easy to apply. (I'll add some swatches at the end of this post)

To add some colour to my face, I'm currently using the pink blusher from Technic, I got the blusher from my brother once for my birthday. :) The highlighter I like to use is from Essence and it's called 'Love Letters'. I think it' so pretty and there's a love poem written on the inside of it.

Last, but not least. I'm applying the translucent loose powder to set my make-up and prevent my skin from glowing at the end of the day. I'm absolutely loving this powder and it's really cheap. I definitely recommend it!

Here are some swatches from the blusher and the eyeshadow I'm using.

I hope you enjoyed this long post about my daily make-up routine and if you want to know which brushes I'm using, let me know! Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

The best is yet to come

May 9, 2014

Hey! I recently bought a new black leather jacket, because I think it’s a statement peace that makes every outfit just a little bit edgier. It can turn a basic t-shirt and skinny jeans into a completely different and more interesting outfit. It looks like you’ve put a lot more effort into the outfit than you actually did, which is perfect for lazy people like me. Today I was wearing a simple black shirt whit a flower printed cardigan and a pair of really comfortable jeggings. I think this outfit is perfect for casual school days or just chilling with your friends in the mall.  To spice up the outfit you can add a statement necklace and some high heels for a more party proof look. I hope you like the outfit, have a wonderful day! xoxo Elien

(bag: Primark, leather jacket: H&M, cardigan: Esprit, t-shirt: C&A, jegging: Primark, shoes: DIY Vans, nail polish: Primark)

Pretty in pastel

May 6, 2014

Hi! I know I'm not the only one when I say I'm ready for summer; the sun, the beach, the crop tops and high waisted shorts or just a cute dress. I just wanna get into that summery mood, so that's why I decided to check out the Zalando website for some inspiration. I fell in love with the pastel colours and I created three looks, all inspired by their summer collection. Seriously, who doesn't like a cute pastel dress and comfy sneakers? Be sure to check out their website and don't forget to let me know what your favourite outfit is! (PS: you can find all the items I love right here!*) xxx Nausikaä

Hoi! Ik weet zeker dat ik niet de enige ben die klaar is voor de zomer; de zon, het strand, de cropped shirts en high waisted shortjes of gewoon een schattig kleedje. Om helemaal in dat zomers gevoel te komen, besloot ik de webshop van Zalando een bezoekje te brengen voor wat inspiratie. Ik werd meteen verliefd op de pastelkleurtjes, daarom creëerde ik drie verschillende outfits, alledrie geïnspireerd op hun zomercollectie. Wie houdt er niet van een schattig pastelkleedje en comfortabele sneakers? Neem beslist een kijkje op hun website en laat me zeker weten wat je favoriete outfit is! (PS: je kan alle items die ik leuk vind hier terugvinden!*)

Outfit 1: I can't get over the cuteness of this dress, the Ted Baker shopping bag is an absolute must-have for a lovely day on the beach and the Doc Martens are comfy for long beach walks. 

Outfit 2: I chose to combine comfy sneakers with a flower printed yellow dress. The clutch is just big enough for a phone and a wallet, which is perfect for a walk in the park when the sun is shining.

Outfit 3: This is a more grown-up but still cute outfit, the heels make the jumpsuit look more elegant and wearable for special occasions and the simple but stylish earrings are so lovely!

Which one is your favourite outfit?

Get away with me

May 2, 2014

Hi! It's 'fashion' Friday, so here's an ootd of an outfit that I wore last week. I decided to cheer the all black outfit up with a cute bird-printed dress. It's so cute and super easy to style. The blazer I'm wearing is thrifted from my niece and my cut out boots/sandals (dunno what you call them) are from Topshop. I've been wearing them so much lately, there so comfortable and they make you look a bit taller. Elien and I found the perfect place to take pictures near our school, so you'll probably see this background more often as it's so lovely. You can see Elien her outfit next week on 'fashion' Friday. Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

(dress: Primark; blazer: thrift; shoes: Topshop)

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