My life in pictures | 001

June 28, 2014

1. Spending some time with my auntie in Antwerp. 2. Going all pastel crazy in Ikea. 3. My outfit in Antwerp. 4. Vanilla Frappuccino from Starbucks. 5. Exercising for my admission test for fashion in Ghent. Making a piece of clothing out of three men shirts is not as easy as I thought it would be. 6. Forever 21 outfit. Oh those dungarees! :)

OOTD | Wednesday

June 25, 2014

I did some shopping with my aunt Monday and I got this really cute faux leather dungarees (is that what they're called?) and a sheer blouse since I didn't have any blouses and it was a buy one, get one free action in Forever 21. The other thing I got were these amazing jelly shoes from New Look. I am so in love with them and they're actually really comfy! I wore them all day long today when I went shopping for some bedroom decorations in Ikea (tell me if you want me to do a haul). 
Some more exciting news: I graduated from high school! I can finally get ready for my entrance exam for fashion in Ghent. I'm so excited yet so nervous. I hope you all had a lovely day! xxx

Lipstick review

June 22, 2014

(Hema: moisturising lipstick 01; Rimmel: long lasting lipstick 08)
I got two new lipsticks in the drugstore yesterday and so I thought it would be nice to write a short review about them. The first one I got is from Hema, I was looking for a pretty, nude long lasting lipstick to wear on an everyday basis. The lipstick was only €3,50 and it's so lovely! Although it's not very long lasting, it fades after two hours or less, the colour is extremely pretty. It's the perfect nude lipstick, I think and it's such a bargain for that price!
The other lipstick is from Rimmel X Kate Moss (€9,99) and it promisses to last for 8 hours. I wore it to prom last night and it started fading after 4 hours. The colour is very subtle and not too eye-catching so you can wear it on a normal schoolday or for a day out shopping.
I hope you liked this short review of the Hema and Rimmel lipstick! xxx

June wishlist | white

June 20, 2014

I know I'm a bit late with my June wishlist as it's almost July, but just had to show you these lovely items. I've been loving light colours such as white and pastel blue or pink lately. I used to wear black all the time in the beginning of this year, but I guess I got a bit bored of the darkness so I thought I'd cheer my wardrobe up with some lighter colours.What are your thoughts on the all-white look? If you want the link to one of these items, just ask for it and I'll reply to your comment. xxx

Current beauty faves | 002

June 19, 2014

I wanted to show you my current beauty faves today since I don't have much time to take pictures for an outfit post. My Sleek palette has been in almost every favourites post, I think. I'm just in love with the purple colours, I haven't tried the green colours out yet but I might just give it a try soon.
The other thing I've been loving is my YSL moisturising lipgloss. It's such a subtle and lovely peachy colour, the lipgloss suits almost every look and it's perfect for summertime!
Last but not least, the Catrice camouflage is absolutely amazing, the packaging looks a bit cheap (well it was only €3) but this cream covers every single redness on your face perfectly.
That were my three current beauty faves! I've got to study some more now for my last exam in high school. I am (hopefully) graduating this year and I'm curious where the future will take me! xxx

New Balance

June 14, 2014

I just got these amazing New Balance running shoes and I'm absolutely in love with them. I always used my tennis shoes to run, but my feet started hurting because they're not really made for running (obviously). I can't wait to test these newbies out tonight! Do you love running too?

What's in my clutch?

June 9, 2014

I already wrote a what's in my bag post quite a long time ago, but since I have been using my clutch more often, I thought it might be nice to write something about what I keep in that clutch. I've currently been loving the black studded clutch I got about a year ago from C&A. This is such a classy yet simple accessory. 
I always have my wallet, my phone and some tissues in my bag (as you do). But I also like to keep a lip balm (Yves Rocher), a moisturising lipstick (YSL) and a small perfume sample (currently loving Guerlain 'La petite robe noire') in the little black clutch. What do you take with you in your clutch?

Black dress

June 8, 2014

I finally found some time to post another outfit, these photos were taken a few days ago. I thought it was a lovely place to quickly shoot some pics. I just came back from my piano class, which also ends next week *sad face*.
There's not much to say about the outfit, I wanted to keep it simple since Saturdays are usually my me-time days where I spend a lot of time behind my bright computer screen, watching youtube or reading blogs. I hope you're having a lovely day and if you're currently having exams/finals, I wish you all the best!

Faux leather and pastel jeans

June 4, 2014

It has been raining quite often lately and the sun has decided to go on a holiday again. Such a shame since I wanted to wear shorts and skirts, I grabbed my jeans again to keep me warm during the cold, rainy days. I haven't left the house that much lately because my exams are starting really soon. I honestly can't wait to graduate and leave secondary school. I'm planning on studying Fashion next year in Ghent, so I'm super excited to see where that's gonna take me. I won't be posting that much on my blog soon, because I really want to get good grades, but I promise to keep you updated.

(top: Bershka; jeans: Topshop; necklace*: H&M; rings: H&M; bag: Primark)

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