October 18, 2017

I wrote this letter to you and to myself back in March and, although this isn't really logical, I felt like publishing it in October. This message has been sitting in my drafts for quite some time now and, seeing it's still as accurate as ever, it deserves a little spot on my blog. 

When one starts to wonder what bloggers are supposed blog about you know it's been far too long since the last update. Lately my life has circled around university and trying to settle in a new environment, figuring out what I stand for and what I find important in my life and thirdly, where I want to go. In the process of finding myself I stepped out of my comfort zone, more than once that is, and I found it has taught me so many things I didn't know about myself. I signed up for an Erasmus project with my university which means I might be studying abroad next semester, I met so many new people and I got rid of things I no longer need in my life. I'm pretty sure you're already sick of seeing decluttering posts and tips to get your life back on track, but these topics are prominent in my life so they'll be dominating my blog as well. Anywho, I wanted to list some things I've discovered recently that have changed my way of living. I would also love to know something you've found out about yourself that has changed your life in some way.


I have realized that having too many materialistic items in my life has the tendency to put unnecessery pressure on my shoulders. I managed to massively downsize my wardrobe already, but I'm not there yet. My goal is to have less than five pieces of each clothing item. I want them to last long, not get boring and have endless ways to be combined with other pieces.


I love to dress up and feel 'fully put together'. Whenever I ger ready for uni, I simply throw on one of my trusty oversized sweaters and a boring pair of jeans (usually black). Combine this with my doc martens and the typical 'Nausikaä'-look has been achieved. Rather plain and boring, right? This is something I really want to change in the future because I love the way of feeling ready for the day, wearing a thoughtfully combined outfit.


I'm a writer. Do I sound big-headed and narcissistic now? Possibly. Though I think I am writer. I started writing stories when I was six years old and I've never stopped. Everything that happens in my life inspires me to write a story. Tragic events lead to tragic stories, which I mostly don't finish, but I have this urge to jot down anything that happens to me. Recently, however, I've begun writing a proper story. One of those stories that could possibly end up being published as a real book. Don't get your hopes up, it might just be horrible and totally uninteresting!


I'm not perfect or untouchable. Boom! Bet that hit you like a wrecking ball, didn't it? Haha. I realize I have my flaws (many of them, even) and I try not to let them take control over my life and my thinking, but sometimes it's so easy to feel sad and irritated by the things that I am and am not. I get annoyed, I feel angry (far too often), I get frustrated and I cry. It's only human. Yet we don't see this side of humanity on social media, or not enough. We all try to paint a picture perfect life online yet behind the screen we are real people and it's tearing (some of) us down.

I sometimes get distracted by the photos on social media and temporarely forget that social media is not real life. Though we all try to make it seem like it is really happening. I try to spend more time offline and discover things in the real world than to aimlessly scroll through the never-ending feed.

I have been blogging (inconsistently, I have to mention this) for over four years now! Gosh, I feel old. I promised to make 2017 the best-blogging-year of my life and guess what? Yes, I completely neglected this lovely corner of the World Wide Web for the whole of February. I feel ashamed and extremely sorry, especially since I had so many wonderful things to share with you. Travel tips, lifestyle tricks and delicious recipes. I'm not making any more promises. I will say this though: expect better things to come for 2017 than a blog with no updates for a whole month. Let's make this a place to inspire, grow stronger and become who we are! (That went from being a plain old apology to being really deep in a short time, pardon me.)

Thank you so much for reading the blabberings and thoughts published on my little Fashionatic blog and for continuously showing your support by subscribing to this little corner on the Internet. You mean a crazy lot to me. I'm not making any New Years' revolutions yet, it is far too soon for those, but I am more than ready for a fifth year of blogging in February.

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