The sky is as blue as your eyes

April 30, 2013

Finally ordered the dress I've been crushing on for so long! :) It's been on my wishlist for forever and I got my mum to buy it for me. The ocean blue colour with a bit of green are so fresh and cute. I think I will be wearing it everyday. What do you think of the dress? :)

Never stop believing

April 28, 2013

I just came back from a piano concert (well, it wasn't much of a concert, I just had to play two songs) and I decided to take some pics of my outfit. Black fake leather seems to have become one of my favorite things to wear. It's comfy and never too hot. The sun made an appearance today, but it wasn't very warm though. I'm happy to see that spring has finally arrived. Just on time. I'm going to Paris in eight days or so, and that means I won't be able to post outfit posts or diy's or whatever I usually post. I will be doing a huuuuge update afterwards. :) I hope you'll enjoy this outfit post and have a nice day!

Scala & Kolacny Brothers

Yesterday, I went to Scala, it's a sort of choir, but they cover songs like 'Creep' from Radiohead or songs from Coldplay. And of course, they have their own written songs. I immediately bought a CD of them after the concert. You should check them out for sure! :)

OOTD - Retro in the garden

April 27, 2013

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 The sun appears now and then, but the cold wind makes her disappear behind huge clouds. I decided to wear something comfortable and retro today, just because I can :) I am wearing my grandma's purse, which I found in the attic. A vest that I bought with my mum a few weeks ago (it's from Soyaconcept), shorts from Esprit, a black blazer from C&A and, not to forget, my lovely Dr. Martens. I think they've almost become my best friends. I feel uncomfortable if I don't wear them. That probably sound ridiculous, but I'm a Dr. Martens addict, for sure. I have to study some more maths and French now. Have a nice day!

It always seems impossible until it's done

April 25, 2013

I have a huge collection of inspirational pics on my computer, waiting till the right time to show you. It's been quite a while since I last posted one of them, so here's your stock for the next month.
I had a nice, but way too sporty day today. We had, what we call in Belgium, a 'sportsday'. We did some spinning, kick boxing and dancing. I suck at all three of them, but I did my best not to look like an idiot. The temperature (27°C) made doing sports exhausting. I survived though (otherwise I wouldn't be sitting behind my computer) and now I have to study some more. :)
Have a nice day and enjoy the pics!

At least we are under the same sky. Now and forever.

April 24, 2013

The sun is a badass today, shining her brightest and making me wanna put my best sunglasses on. I wanted to show you my glitter shoes and a dress I made once, they are my dearest pieces. I can't go outside without my white hat on, it's something my hand always wants to grab when I walk out the door, into the sunlight. I had a better day than yesterday, because I didn't get any bad notes back. I still can't believe I cried in public, I'm normally the cool one but I just couldn't fight my tears back. It was pretty embarrassing, to be honest. Arriving with red eyes in my classroom. But never mind, I'm ready for another thug weeks. I hope you've enjoyed your weekend and Monday and Tuesday of course. Have a good day and may the sun be with you!

(Vest: C&A; dress: diy; shoes: Forever 21; hat: L&L; sunglasses: no idea :P)

A discovery is an accident meeting a prepared mind

April 23, 2013

Today I wanted to wear my skater skirt because I'd bought some new pair of shoes. I got the skater skirt when I went to Antwerp for a shopping day with Nausikaä. Black and white are usually not my colours, normally I wear really colourfull clothes, but Nausikaä gave me this skirt and I liked it ;). I also love moustaches and I tought it suits my outfit. So that's it, I hope you have a nice day!

(skirt: H&M, shoes: Tamaris)

DIY Quotebook

April 21, 2013

It's been a while since I posted the last diy, but I have a good reason for that. Something that probably every blogger once experienced, namely being out of inspiration. I googled and youtubed as much a possible, but none of the diy's seemed interesting enough. So, I decided to make a collage, but I wanted it to be a bit useful. That's why I made a notebook and glued some pics on it and there it was, a Quotebook with a collage as cover! :) I always love searching for quotes on Tumblr and Weheartit, it's relaxing and lesson learning. I hope you'll enjoy the diy and good luck!

You will be needing:
- white paper
- coloured paper (I used blue)
- scissors
- stapler
- tape (preferable see-through)

Fold the papers in four, so all four pieces are even.

Done that, place the small pieces of paper on top of each other and place them on the coloured paper to measure the cover.

Now you need to use the stapler to... staple! ;) Make sure the paper doesn't loose when you open the notebook! :)

Start cutting pics out of magazines (I used Elle) and glue them on your notebook! You can always write something on it too :)

Secure the sides with some tape

Now you can start quoting! :)

Have fun!

You can't always get what you want

April 20, 2013

The sun is shining heavily, but the cold wind makes me shiver now and then. It's a shame, I want to study outside, but my notes won't stay with me as the wind blows. Another thing is the sharpness of the pics that has seemed to have disappeared. The cute effect hides the unsharpness only a little bit, but they're fine to me. :) My mum decided to do a little bit of shopping today, leaving me with five Euro at the newspaper's behind. It was sadly the only thing I could afford. I found my dearest Elle there and after that, I helped my mum finding the 'perfect' pants and a cute, dotted bikini. I have to study some more now and I hope you'll enjoy your day!

 (Shirt: Only; Skirt: Nononsense; Hat: L&L; Clutch: diy; Bracelets: diy; Shoes: Dr. Martens)

I wanna fly, can you take me far away

April 19, 2013

I introduced you to the new blogger, Ymke, about an hour ago and I hoped you liked her! I wanted to post my outfit too, so here are the pics! I had a lovely but still painful day since my ankle is still strained. I hope I can play tennis monday, it'd be awful if I couldn't... Anyways, I hope you'll like the outfit! It's very girly and cute with a touch of galaxy and flowers. Oh, yeah, please don't blame me wearing denim on denim, it's kind of a disorder, I think... ;) Have a lovely day and if the sun might be shining over there, enjoy that too!

(Vest: Forever 21; Sweater: Topshop; shorts: Esprit; shoes: diy galaxy shoes; ring: Six)

Never be ashamed of something you like or believe in.

(top: Esprit, skirt: H&M; earrings: Veritas)

Let me introduce you to... Ymke! I asked her if she'd like to blog sometimes and so, we'll be working on this blog with two! She'll be blogging about photography and random stuff with a little bit of fashioning. The model on the pics is her sister, no idea why though. Ymke is 17 years old, loves dancing, doing gymnastics and playing the guitar. She's one of my best friends and we love making fools out of ourselves, but life is short, so we've gotta live while we're young, right? :)
I wrote this first post for her because she had no idea how to do that. Do you want to hear more from her?
Nausikaä & Ymke

Prove you're not another brick in the wall

April 17, 2013

 (shirt: Only; Shorts: Compagnia Italia; shoes:...?; necklace: diy; clutch: my grandma's; ring: diy)

I do wear the same outfit twice sometimes, just so my mum doesn't have to spend hours on doing the laundry. A friend of mine told me that she just couldn't do that. I mean like, what? I almost felt ashamed of reducing my mum's work. Well, I got over it and I got to school twice with a lovely grey-green glitter shirt and really short shorts. I thought my diy necklace suited the shirt well. The whole outfit is quite simple, but cheerful. Except for the shoes. I have a very good reason for that, namely that I have strained my ankle two days ago and it looks all blue and it's swollen. Don't worry though, I'm able to walk again and I'm ready for another few painful days. "Standing still means you're going backwards" is a quote I use quite a lot, and another reason is that I can't sit still. I always have to move my legs from one pose to another. All of this causing my ankle not to heal as fast as I want to. Anyways, enough complaining about the stupid ankle. I hope you enjoy your day and don't forget to go outside and make walks in the sun! :)

Don't lie to someone, it only brings you trouble

April 14, 2013

(Vest: Soyaconcept; Heels: Tamaris)

"Don't lie to someone, it only brings you trouble." I told her. She just walked away, leaving me and the fake stories behind. Nothing will ever stop her, she keeps going on, telling people things that aren't real. Just to feel better. I won't help her any more, she ruined it. Whatever could be called 'friendship' is now past. 

I grab the clothes from my chair. I liked them yesterday, in the shop. They look so old now, so retro. "It suits my style" is what I thought yesterday. It doesn't suit my style at all now. Well, mum paid for it, I should better wear them once. I put on the vest. My mirror calls me. It sure looks better now I'm wearing it, even better, it's looking quite cool. What should I wear underneath it? No pants, it's too hot for that. I grab some leggings and put them on. Way better now. I brush my hair, grab my camera and go downstairs. "Mum, d'you wanna take some pics of me and my outfit?" "Sure" is all she says. Oh, I love her, I couldn't imagine a better mum.

Okay, so I wanted to change my style of writing and here's a sneak peek of what it would be if I continued this style. I've always loved writing stories and sometimes, when I'm writing something for an outfit post or something else, I don't know what to say. It doesn't feel real, it isn't me. So, please tell me if I should keep doing this or just go back to normal?

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