And she went shopping...again ;)

May 29, 2013

Hi! I have bought some lovely stuff last month and I thought I'd show you my buys (a little bit too later, but better than never) :) Since I've made an account on blogger, I started buying more things. Most of all shoes, my shoe collection has grown enormously and I didn't even wear all of them more than two times...  My Dr. Martens are in my top ten of most worn shoes, they're just so comfy.
Here are the buys:

 1) A pair of fake Vans... I can't afford real ones and this pair is actually really comfy! (I honestly only bought them because I loved the colour ;)) I bought them in Kruidvat.

 2) Lip balm... because I lost my other ones. I always have some lipbalm in my bag and when I use it at a friend's house, in a foreign country, just anywhere,  I lose it every time again :) haha Just me? ;)
The lip balm is from Hema and it's got a mint flavour! Yummy :P

 3) Body lotion because my skin is really dry and this one smells like shea butter. It makes me feel like it's 30°C and summer. Lovely :) I bought it in H&M in Paris.

4) Wet wipes to clean your hands after touching something really gross (or after cleaning your rabbit's cage...) They also smell lovely and it's perfect for sweaty hands in summer. These ones are from H&M too.

I hope you enjoyed my buys!

DIY bow hairpin

May 26, 2013

Hey! Here's my first DIY. Last week I saw a lot of lovely ideas to make something by yourself and today is the perfect day to try it ;). It is really easy to make so everyone can do it. It's a bow that cheers your outfit up. I really hope you like it.

you will be needing:
- a sheet of a newspaper (to cover the table)
- a pair of scissors
- a glue pistol
- craft felt (I used red craft felt)
- a hairpin
- tape-measure

Step1: you cut the pieces you need out of the craft felt: one small strip and one large strip (you can choose how big you want it).

Step 2: You fold the both tips to the back and hold them together.
Step 3: In the middle you push it that it looks like a bow.

Step 4: You turn the small strip of craft felt around the middle of the large one, you put some glue on the little strip, you glue it together and hold it for a few seconds. Then you cut the rest of it.

Step 5: Now you put some glue on the hairpin and put the bow on the hairpin. The only thing you have to do now is holding both parts together.  

You can decorate it with pearls to make it your own.
Now you have your bow ;)

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

May 23, 2013

Hey! Long time ago since I last posted an outfit post with me, sitting on my couch. My room has been really messy and my school books were spread all over my couch, my chair and my small desk. Not much place for an outfit post, as you can probably understand. :)
The title has been stuck in my head since this morning, because we have been learning about Shakespeare in English class. He's written the most beautiful poems I've ever read, that's why there is a lyric from his poem as the title. It's not like I'm in love, trust me. ;)
I hope you'll enjoy the outfit post! I am wearing second hand shorts, which I bought in Paris and a lovely shirt that is actually quite old. My Dr. Martens suited the vintage look perfectly, just like my grandma's purse. The hand chain I'm wearing is made by myself and if you want to, I'll post the DIY for it on the blog. Just write it down in your comment :)
Have a lovely day,

Interior inspiration

May 20, 2013

I always love scrolling through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and others and when I see some nice pics, I save them to my computer. I have build up a huge collection of these pics now and that's why I decided to post some of them on my blog. Enjoy! :)

Feeling like Medusa...

May 18, 2013

Strange title for an outfit post, you'll think. But it's actually true, my hair had gone all fluffy and I was dressed all in black. The long skirt made me feel a bit uncomfortable because I never actually wear things like that. Everyday is another day to try something new, right? I have been really busy with things for school and that's why there haven't been much decent outfit posts lately, but I have some really cool things that I'd like to show you AND I have bought a new tripod, so it's gonna be all good now :)

(shirt: Madonna; skirt: H&M; heels: Tamaris; earrings: Bijou Brigitte; clutch: Six)

Dr Martens invasion

May 17, 2013

Today I'm a little bit sick so I'm home and now I have time to talk about the Dr Martens invasion in London. It's normal that there are a lot of dr Martens in London but it reminds me every time of Nausikaä. Because she is in love with Dr Martens, I think you knew it already ;). It wasn't bad to think about Nausikaä but when I saw THE shoes, there was a voice in my head which said: 'take a picture of it, you will make Nausikaä happy.', so I took some pictures. I hope you like it.
lots of love,

Stop for a minute and... smile!

May 15, 2013

My dress (THE dress) from SheInside has finally arrived! I decided to immediately wear it and do an outfit post, so here it is! :) I'm also wearing my lovely moustache necklace, which I'm incredibly proud of. (Me and a moustache is the perfect combination... :P) I have a huge test of Dutch in two days, so I'm spending almost every second of the day behind my desk, studying famous Dutch poets. You probably know some of them; Vondel, Hooft, Bredero and others :) Anyway, enjoy the sun and don't forget to smile ;)

Left my other bag on the front row...

May 13, 2013

A few days (or maybe a week ago.. blimey) I wrote about the goodiebag that I'd received from Stylight. One of the goodies was a necklace with spikes of which I'm not sure if it's a statement necklace or not (dilemma... :P) is now officially one of my favourite necklaces ever. It suits almost everything and it always looks cool and a bit grungy. :) I have had a very tiring week, visiting Paris with only six hours of sleep a night, so there wasn't much time to blog or write something. I have lots of new ideas for DIY's and outfits now, so prepare ;) I have to study some more Dutch and French now, but enjoy the outfit post. Oh, and if you see my bag, please tell me... because I left it on the front row ;)

(Waterfall dress: H&M; beanie: souvenir shop in Paris; bag: Stylight; boots: Dr. Martens; necklace: Stylight)


May 6, 2013

At this certain moment, I'm grinning like a mad man. It's not like I had the best day ever, no not at all, it's just that my goodiebag has finally arrived! I'm sooo happy, because it's the first one ever. The best thing about it, is that they've personally written a message on a card for me. So sweet :)
I got the goodie bag from Stylight and I'm absolutely loving it. Have a lovely day! Love, Nausikaä.

Without believing, your dreams will never come true

May 2, 2013

I had a lovely day today, starting quite awkwardly (I had some communication problems with one of my best friend :P) but my vocabulary test of English went amazing. It's always nice when something you've worked quite hard for goes well. The sun was shining softly when I asked my brother to take pics of my outfit. I wore my favourite XOXO- Topshop pull and my wardrobe love, my black skirt. My Dr. Martens and my black clutch suited the black - and white outfit perfectly. I hope you all had a lovely day! Enjoy your evening!

(pull: Topshop; shirt: Zara; Cat thingies: I have no idea; shirt: Nononsense; shoes; Dr. Martens; ring: Veritas; clutch; my grandma's)


My favourite beauty products

May 1, 2013

I will be honest with you, I barely use make up. It's just something that takes up too much time for me and everybody knows that I'm very impatient. I do use nail polish quite often because it finishes every look. Mascara is one of those things that really annoys me because you can't touch your eyes without having a black (or another coloured) face afterwards. But that'll be just me. Anyways, here is a list of my favourite beauty products :)

(Mascara: Chanel; Lipstick: Essence)

(Perfume: Pink Smoke)

(Body lotion: Yves Rocher; Foundation; Essence; Lip care: Yves Rocher)

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