August 29, 2013

 Dress: H&M, Price: €14.95
Shirt: Zara, Price: €3,99

Hello! Today was one of the most perfect days in my life (okay, let's not exaggerate, it's was just really close to perfection)... I went to Leuven to do some shopping, together with my bro, my mum and my uncle. He bought us some delicious ice cream, mmm... :P I bought a really cool dress in H&M, a nice shirt in Zara and this stunning necklace in Six. I hope you all had a nice day and enjoy the shopping spree post! :P


August 28, 2013


Hey peeps! (Finally, I used the word 'peeps' :P) I went to Brussels today with my mum and my brother to visit an exhibition about Leonardo Da Vinci, the genius himself. He was a painter, an architect, a musician and many more. Amazing what that dude did in his life!
This was the outfit I was wearing and almost everything had a vintage touch. My shorts, which I bought in a vintage shop in Paris, were only €5. The vest is from my grandma (I did some diy thingies on it to make it look cooler) and the spiked necklace combined with the lace shirt suited the outfit amazing. My fake-vans look awful but I just can't throw them away... :P I hope you all had a nice day!


August 27, 2013

As I told you a few times before, I went to Crete for fourteen days with my family. The views and the place we visited were stunning. Matala, a city where the hippies lived for a few years, was the most beautiful thing we visited. So, if you ever go to Crete, make sure you spend some time there! :)
I hope you'll enjoy the pictures I randomly chose! :P (I used the Olympus E-PM1 mini for my photos)


August 26, 2013

Hey hey! As I haven't got much to do today, I decided to write a short post about nailpolish that I bought in Crete. It's from l'Oréal and I've added it to my list of 'favorite nailpolishes'. I don't really have a list like that, that would be creepy, but it's in my head, haha ;)
Anyways, this nailpolish is so light and cute and quick drying that I use it almost every single time. And it was only €3, which is about $4. Cheap and amazing!
I have a question for you too and please be completely honest with me. What do you think of the 2-posts-a-day rule? Should we keep doing it or is 1 post a day better?

DIY friendship bracelet

August 23, 2013

Smile, you're gorgeous

The weatherman told me that today would be a hot, sweaty and sunny summerday, so I grabbed my shortest shorts, my new boots and some nice accessories. I'm not really a fan of the heat, to be honest, so I'm probably going to stay inside today or I'm going to ride my bicycle.
I made an account on Chictopia yesterday, so feel free to check it out here! :) I'm a newbie on the site, which means that I still don't know how to upload a decent profile photo and my pictures are still a bit on the crappy side, haha :P If you have an account on Chictopia, please let me know in your comment so I can follow you!
Have a nice day!

(shirt: diy; shorts: Compagnia Italia; jewellery: Six and diy; shoes: H&M)

DIY: make a cute camera out of cans

August 18, 2013

Hello guys! I have finally found the time to do a decent diy and I absolutely adore the result! I wanted to write the steps above the pics that I took, so it would be easy for you to do the diy. But every single pic that I took was blurry and so, I decided to put the link of youtube video that I used to make the diy in this post. I'm really sorry that this happened, but hey, nobody's perfect ;)
I hope you'll try this diy out because the result is amazing :)



Wake up and live

August 16, 2013

Hey hey! I am really happy today and I have no idea why... (that happens quite often actually... :P) Probably because the sun started shining again today, I really needed that! Today's outfit is a diy Chanel cropped top, vintage €5 shorts from Paris, my amazing Dr. Martens and spiked accessories.
It feels like I'm slowly turning into a hipster kind of girl. Short shorts, cropped tops and a whatever-happens-I'm-gonna-love-it behaviour... Haha :P The only thing that's missing, is long hair. :)
Have a nice day!


I'm not much, but I'm all I have

August 12, 2013

Hi again! :) I guess I'm in a blogger mood today, because my head is filled with ideas and diy's. And I guess that's a good thing, right? ;) I am wearing one of my comfy outfits today, the dress feels like it's made for me. I got it from my niece, she didn't wear it any more which is such a shame! :P The ring is from Crete (read more) and so is one of my bracelets. (the one in the middle)
Have a nice day! :)

(dress: Imperial; bracelets: everywhere; ring: souvenir shop; shoes: dxxz)


You gotta keep your head up

August 5, 2013

I invited Elien over to my house (a few days ago)  and we made an outfit post in the field near my house. We had quite a lot of fun taking the pics because we just weren’t able to look serious into the camera. Haha :) My hair looks awful, I know… ;) The quality of the photos isn’t good and it seemed that my lens was very dirty, so sorry for the awful pics… But enjoy the outfit post though!


Being human is exhausting, so be an owl.

August 1, 2013

This is the first time I’m going to show you some of my drawings, I think. I have been drawing since I was little and I also went to an art academy for about seven years with my brother. These are two drawings that I’m quite proud of. They’re both owls (I am slightly obsessed with them) and I chose to draw them because they’re really wise. They observe everything and not every bird does that. I personally think they’re really beautiful too.

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