OOTD | Printed dungarees

July 28, 2014

 (blouse: Forever 21; dugarees: H&M; sneakers: Geox; bracelet: handmade in Italy)

It's been so hot the last few days and I feel like I barely had time to breathe. I spend a lot of my days chatting with my best friend in her garden, I helped my mum doing household work and I did some shopping for the holidays that are coming. I decided to wear the printed dungarees I got form H&M a long time ago with a cheer blouse from Forever 21 as it's a light and summery outfit. My Geox allow my feet to breathe (I'm a huge fan!) which is very much needed in this hot summer weather. We're not used to warm weather in Belgium and so my closet wasn't really prepared for this weather. I did manage to keep breathing (always important haha) and I hope you do too. Have a lovely, sunny day! xxx Nausikaä

Bloggen, hoe doe je dat?

July 24, 2014

Hoi! Omdat ik af en toe vragen krijg van meiden die zelf een blog willen beginnen, besloot ik mijn ervaringen te bundelen in een klein artikeltje. Zelf blog ik bijna drie jaar en in die korte periode is er een hele nieuwe wereld opengegaan. Mijn blik op de mode- en beautywereld werd verruimd en ik heb in de periode dat ik blog een aantal leuke mogelijkheden gekregen om met bedrijven samen te werken.
Het beeld dat men meestal heeft van bloggers bestaat uit freebies, feestjes met cocktails en fashion shows. Maar aan deze fairy tales gaat veel werk aan vooraf. Hoe begin je nou met een blog?

Waarover wil ik bloggen?
De eerste vraag die je jezelf moet stellen is, waarover wil ik bloggen? Wat lees je zelf graag en wat wil je delen met je lezers? Ben je gepassioneerd door mode, heb je een collectie make-up waarmee je veel kan, ben je creatief bezig met diy,..? Je kan natuurlijk ook kiezen om over meerdere onderwerpen te schrijven. Mode en beauty gaan elkaar hand in hand net zoals diy meestal verbonden is met interieur design of mode. 

Waar moet ik een blog oprichten?
Ook is het belangrijk om te kiezen op welk platform je wil gaan bloggen. Zelf ben ik begonnen met Wordpress, dit werkt gemakkelijk voor nieuwere bloggers. Blogger is het medium dat ik nu gebruik, omdat je met html codes kan spelen om zo je eigen draai aan een layout te geven. Je moet voor jezelf kiezen op welk platform je het best in je vel zit. Zowel blogger als Wordpress bieden basis templates aan, je kan vanuit deze templates zelf je layout personaliseren. Wil je het net iets professioneler aanpakken, dan kan je een layout kopen via webdesigners (bv. Blogmilk) of Etsy.

Hoe verzin ik een naam?
De naam van je blog moet vooral catchy zijn zodat lezers je gemakkelijk terugvinden en je blog herkennen. Je kan het onderwerp van je blog in je blognaam verwerken (bv. Fashionatic, The Style Blondie, Fashiographic) of creatief met je eigen naam aan de slag gaan (bv. Katiquette geschreven door Katarina Vidic). Schrijf tientallen namen op een blad papier en kies de tien leukste eruit. Dan kan je gaan kijken of jouw naam nog beschikbaar is.

Hoe krijg ik meer volgers?
Als je artikels of foto's andere bloggers of mensen interesseert, dan zullen ze je blog beginnen volgen. Geleidelijk aan beginnen mensen je blog te volgen, maar dit kan even duren. Af en toe een reactie op een andere blog achterlaten kan al zorgen voor reclame, maar doe dit niet te veel want dan ga je andere blogs misbruiken en dit zorgt niet voor een goede naam. Mond-tot-mond reclame in je school, de buurt waar je woont, vrienden, familie kan ook zorgen voor meer naambekendheid. Een 'verzameling' volgers opbouwen is een proces dat langzaam tot stand komt. Niet opgeven dus!

Heb je nog vragen over het starten van een eigen blog, dan mag je me altijd een mailtje sturen op fashionatic@outlook.com

(pictures: weheartit)

Top 5 favourite lipsticks

July 20, 2014

I wanted to share my top five favourite lipsticks with you today since I wear quite a lot of lipstick and it's an essential beauty product for me. I've got some budget-friendly lipsticks but also more expensive ones that I usually wear to special occasions like birthday parties or when I go to a restaurant.

1. Kate Moss collection for Rimmel 08
Out of all my favourite lipsticks I've been wearing this one the most over the past few days. It's a very subtle yet not too nude lipstick that is perfect for almost every occasion. I think it's very moisturising and it lasts a long time. It might even survive a meal if you're careful. I wrote a review about it so if you're curious about the lipstick, be sure to check this out.(€10,00)

2. Kiko Make up 01
I love this peach coloured lipstick from Kiko. It's very budget friendly although the package makes it look more expensive. It doesn't last a long time and it doesn't survive a meal but it moisturises my lips which I think is essential for lipstick. (€7,00)

3. YSL Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick
This is probably the most expensive lipstick I own, but I absolutely love it. It's a good moisturiser and it lasts for a long time. This lipstick/lipgloss also has a peachy colour and the Kiko make up one is a good dupe for this expensive gloss. (€30,00)

4. Hema lipstick 01
This is one of the only nude lipsticks I own because I rarely find nudes in Belgium (it's probably just me). This lipstick disappointed my a bit though, because it promises to be moisturising but it dries out my lips quickly. I usually apply a lip balm before applying this lipstick. I put this lipstick in my favourites as it's a very pretty nude colour. (€3.50)

5. Mac Matte Diva
I own only one Mac lipstick because I think that the brand is really expensive and I prefer buying more budget-friendly lipsticks. This lipstick makes you look a bit like a drag queen (that's probably why it's called diva haha) but it's great for a night out or when you go to a fancy restaurant with your family. It survives multiple meals as it's super long lasting. (€18.50)

Interior Inspiration

July 16, 2014

I like to spend hot summer days in my bedroom, which sounds weird probably. It's just that the heat outside makes me lazy and I don't like being lazy and unproductive (which I am 99% of the time). Anyway, I redecorated my bedroom and made it look more grown up (I finally got rid of my pink floral curtains) so I have been spending a lot of my time collecting pictures from minimalistic bedrooms and clean spaces. That's why I wanted to share my latest inspirational pictures with you. I hope you'll enjoy! (You can find more inspiration on my weheartit page, in case you're curious for more.)

DIY floral notebook

July 12, 2014

Hi there! Here I am again with a new diy, I wanted to show you guys how to make a simple but cute floral notebook. You can also draw something else on the notebook, but I thought it would be lovely to opt for some flowers since it's summer time. It's really easy but I am so in love with the result! Hope you'll like it! xx

For this DIY, you'll be needing: a pencil, a pigment liner, scissors, tape and a old notebook.

Place your notebook on the piece of paper and draw a line around the edges of the notebook. This is just to measure the size of your drawing.

Draw your flowers in the frame. I decided to do this with my pencil and then with my pigment liner.

The last step is to cover your notebook with the paper, I did this the way I cover my books for school.

And... you're finished! Enjoy your new notebook!

PS: Have you got some questions you'd like me to answer in a Q&A? It takes less than one minute! Post it here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NPPD5YW

New Zealand bloggers

July 9, 2014

I came accross a bunch of bloggers from New Zealand and I fell in love with their creativity and their style. They all seem to have a very distinct style and I let myself inspire by their creativity which might lead to some new diy's. Do you know any New Zealand bloggers? xxx Nausikaä

PS: I created a survey to get some feedback from my lovely readers and it would be amazing if you'd answer it! (it's only 6 questions :)) https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NPPD5YW

Review | Eyeshadow pallet

July 7, 2014

I've been doing some home and beauty shopping lately (I promise I'll do a haul soon) and one of the things that I got were eyeshadow pallets for less than a Euro. I couldn't possibly walk past them without taking them with me, so the next thing happened.
I took a nude coloured pallet and a smokey-eye pallet with me to review them. I didn't expect them to be good quality but it's always nice to have some spare eyeshadow in your make-up collection (not that I ever ran out of it). 

Anyway, let's get started with the review. The eyeshadow smells a bit like paint and the colours don't look that pretty at first sight, but when I was applying them to my arm for the sample pictures, I noticed that the colour fades a bit and it looks better. 
The colours aren't very pigmented which means that you have to apply quite a lot of it to get the wanted look. The darker colours are way better pigmented and they look prettier.
I'm not a fan of the brown colours from the nude pallet as I'm more a girl that likes pink and peachy colours. 
I prefer the smokey-eye pallet because it's better pigmented and the eyeshadows don't look as fake as they do in the nude pallet. 
What do you think about these pallets? Would you buy eyeshadow pallets if they were less than a Euro?

OOTD | Dungarees

July 4, 2014

(blazer: C&A; top: H&M; dungarees: Forever 21; boots: Doc Martens)

I've been struggling with a bloggers block lately, the fear of the white page in front of me. Or maybe it's just the pressure I've been experiencing lately, I had to do an admission test for fashion in which I did not succeed, sadly. It's not that bad actually, because while I was doing the test I realised that creating a piece of clothing people would probably not respect wasn't something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I've always loved fashion and I've always had a different style, but everyone was telling me that journalism was a better option for me, so I've decided to start studying journalism next year. That's one of the big steps I had to take this week. I had to go to Ghent again today and since me and my dad had some time before the train arrived, we decided to take some pictures of my outfit.
I was wearing my black dungarees again, because they're so comfortable and I combined them with a white, see-through crop top. I also wore my pink smiley-face Doc Martens again because I hadn't worn them in a long time and they're so comfy! Have a lovely day!

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