not just a nomination

September 29, 2015

You might have seen this on Facebook/Twitter/other social media before, but I was nominated for the Zalando Blogger Awards last year. Due to the limited capacity of the first edition, I couldn't go to the award show itself, unfortunately.

A lot of you voted for my blog last year and it would be awesome if you could do it again so I can be there this time! Sooo, it would be fantastic/amazing/wow if you could vote for Fashionatic and I'll keep you updated! 

PS: You can also win one of the gift vouchers of € 100 or a fashion pass for the Blogger Awards in Brussel, the hotel room is included! Yay! 

Sorry for the amount of self promo in this post, but this means a lot to me. I've been blogging for a couple of years now and I've gotten so many amazing opportunities ever since. It would be an honour to be invited to the Blogger Award Show. 


not my business

September 26, 2015

After a hectic week at uni, I'm finally back home where I can relax and blog a bit, because that's what I love to do. Sadly I don't really have much time to write and photography for my blog which isn't fun, but it's all for a good cause. I really want to get good grades and make my parents proud. Maybe it's a bit cliché, but my parents have done so much for me in the past and I want to do something back for them. I think that making people around you happy, and yourself of course, should be one of your main goals in life, right?

Back to the outfit! I received a package from Relaxfeel, which is a clothing brand based in HongKong, yesterday and the clothes I got are so pretty and the quality is amazing! I got a super cute white dress with lace detailing which I'll be showing you sometime next week and I also got a blouse that reminds me of something a lawyer would wear (hence the title, haha). It's super fancy and really comfy. Plus, I think I'll be wearing this a lot this autumn because it has long sleeves and it looks amazing with a pair of black jeans and boots. You can either dress it up or down, as you prefer. 

Can you trust Relaxfeel? Totally! My package arrived in less than three weeks and the quality of the clothes is amazing. I think I will be buying more from their website in the future. I know that this is a sponsored post, but this is 100% my opinion and wouldn't recommend this brand if I didn't trust it. The blouse I'm showing you in this post is sold out, but I linked other gorgeous blouses below.

blouse: relaxfeel* // skirt: h&m // shoes: romwe

Potatoes in the oven à la Nausikaä

September 25, 2015

This week has been pretty eventful and the only thing that relaxes me is cooking. I know I sound weird now, but I don't have to think about schoolwork or grown-up stuff whilst preparing my food and I get to be creative. So, when I stepped into the kitchen and the only veggies I had left were potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and peas, I figured that the tastiest dish I could make was a potato casserole. It's vegan, pretty healthy and super delicious (I wouldn't share the recipe if it weren't delish, right? ;)) This dish is perfect for students who have little time to cook dinner but still want to eat healthy.

(this makes two servings, you can also make this as a side dish)

You'll be needing: 3 potatoes, 1 sweet potato, a cup of mixed carrots and beans, soy cream, 1/2 onion, olive oil and spices (I used coriander, basilic, oregano, some salt and pepper)

1 // slice the potatoes and cook them for about 15 minutes until they're soft
2 // bake the onions until they have a golden/brown color and then add the soymilk. Add as much as you want to, this is just to pour over your veggie mix
3 // preheat your oven to 200°C
4 // put the veggies in the baking tray, pour the soy sauce over the veggies and then add the spices and the olive oil
5 // Put it in the oven for about 15-20 minutes
6 // Bon appétit!

what's in my bag

September 23, 2015

bag: Stradivarius

I can't even remember the last time I wrote a 'what's in my bag' post, but I just don't find my bag interesting enough. I do love reading/watching what people have in their Mary Poppins bag or clutch so I thought I'd post an update. It's still not that interesting, but hey, everybody's a bit nosy so let's get started!

Basics in the bag: wallet/purse (Bershka) || phone (Iphone 4) || a cute notebook (diy) || the indispensable planner (Hema) || sunglasses (New Look)

The SOS kit: plasters || B12 supplements (#theveganlife) || lipbalm (eos) || tissues || perfume sample ||
lipstick (Rimmel x Kate Moss 08 is my favorite) || deodorant

The blogger basics: Camera (Canon 700D or Olympus Pen EMI-mini) || Too many SD-cards || A spare battery

What's something you have to have in your bag?

my new place

September 21, 2015

It's been a while since you've last heard of me. I've been super busy these last few days and my life has been a bit hectic. I've finally found a moment to breathe and just relax whilst listening to Jazz music. I've moved into my new room where I'll be living for five days a week and started university today. I was stressed and scared because I had no idea where I had to be this afternoon and everything was, and still is, so new. I feel so young and tiny between all these experienced people.

I actually just wanted to show you my new room and how I decorated it. I usually love clean, white spaces but since I wasn't allowed paint the walls, I had to deal with the cute flower pattern on the walls and so I picked the most romantic and cute items that suited the walls and I went from there. It's looking cosy and it feels like home. I love it! (Ps: I'll be posting more photos when the lighting is better, haha)

discovering lisboa {part 2}

September 19, 2015

I'm finally sitting behind my computer again, ready to start editing the photos I took in Lisboa and I already want to fly back to the sunny Portugal. The Belgian weather just makes me (and many other Belgians) want to move to a sunnier place. Honestly, if you ever want to visit Belgium, make sure you've packed enough cardigans, trousers and rain coats. No fun.

discovering lisboa {part 1}

September 15, 2015

I've been wandering in Lisbon in the last few days and knowing I'll start university in less than a week feels so weird, but it's so exciting at the same time. I'm here in Lisbon with my mum, her best friend and her daughter aka, my best friend. Anyway, let's get this travel diary started! (PS: sorry for the crappy photo editing, but I'm working on my mum's computer and it's not the most blogging-friendly device.)

leaving for Lisboa

September 13, 2015

It's been too long since I last posted, but my computer wasn't working properly and it would crash every 10 minutes. So, sorry 'bout that. I'm leaving for Lisboa in two hours and I'm so excited, I just love to travel and discover places. I will be posting new things on my blog whilst I'm in Lisboa/Lisbon. If you've been to Lisboa before, please tell me what's worth a visit and if you know any good vegan restaurants, let me know! See you in Lisboa!

not a girly girl

September 10, 2015

I remember the disappointment on my brother's face when I told him that I no longer wanted to play with cars and I prefered playing with Barbie dolls and teddy bears. He didn't want me to become a real girl and wanted me to continue playing with cars and Lego (I still do love me some Lego though, haha). "You're such a girly girl, and girls are gross.", that's what he said.

So, when I bought these pink and purple Essie nail polishes, I could imagine the look on his face if he'd seen me buy this in the cars-versus-dolls stage. Thankfully we've both grown up, but he'd rather want me to play football with him than applying make-up on my face. Some things just never change - haha.

That was a long story for a short title, but let's get straight to the point now. Buying these nail polishes was a mistake, I love them, but when I did some research on Essie after buying them I found out that they are not a cruelty-free brand because they're part of L'oréal. If I could, I would return them and ask my money back. But, sales are non-refundable so I guess I'll just have to use them up and learn my lesson.

A lot of people don't care whether a brand is cruelty-free or not and until three months ago, I didn't even know which brand was cruelty-free and which wasn't. Becoming a vegan did change my view on products and their background.

The nail polishes are pretty great, the colors are super pretty, they dry quickly, the brush makes it easy to apply, BUT  they're not cruelty-free. So please stop testing on animals, Essie, and I will love you forever. *dramatic music*

nail polishes: Essie // left to right: Innocent - Cocktail Bling - Hard To Get

autumnal cosiness

September 9, 2015

 1: HERE // 2: HERE // 3: HERE // 4: HERE // 5: HERE // 6: HERE // 7: HERE // 8: HERE // 9: HERE

One of the reasons why I love autumn and winter so much, is because you can snuggle up under a blanket and wear oversized knits and warm jackets. I like to burn a lot of candles during this time of the year and I can dream of sunny holiday destinations - which makes me long for summer again haha, it's a vicious circle. I know it's only September, but that doesn't mean I can't be excited for snow and Christmas, right? What's on your autumn wishlist? PS: if you know where to find a cosy winter coat, let me know!

(Every product listed is cruelty-free)

Miniver Wine

September 8, 2015

This gorgeous nail polish from & Other Stories just screams autumn/winter and I feel really sophisticated and put together when this color covers my nails. It's called 'Miniver Wine' and it certainly does remind me of a full glass of red wine. I'm not a wine-drinker (or any alcohol for that matter), but I do love a pretty wine red on my nails. As I mentioned before on Instagram, I could totally see me wearing this with a white blouse, black skinny jeans and a nice pair of heeled booties.

I'm the worst at applying nail polish, for some strange reason my hands are too shaky to neatly apply nail varnish. The small brush made it a lot easier to apply it to my nails though, which I'm thankful for. I won't lie, it still looked a bit messy, but after washing my hands a couple times it looked super stunning and I definitely will be wearing this nail polish a lot this autumn.

(I've never written this much about nail polish in my life, what??) Another thing that will be on my favorites-list this autumn is the & Other Stories 'Bonbon tree' body lotion. I have no words for this magical piece of art. (I know I'm making no sense at all right now, just wait until you smell it yourself.) The body lotion smells like an expensive perfume and makes your skin feel all feathery and soft. You might even start petting yourself, I'm not kidding.

I guess you can say that & Other Stories has deserved a place in my beauty-heart and I will be buying more products from their Autumn '15 collection for sure!

nail polish*: 'Miniver Wine' // body lotion*: Bonbon tree

prepping for fall

September 7, 2015

Items from Nelly / New Look / Zalando / H&M

I know that thinking about fall and winter might make you sad, but I just really like browsing through websites to see what the trends are for fall. Keywords for autumn 2015? Camel, fringe, loafers, black sturdy boots, high waists and grey. I made a fall trend wishlist and if only those items could magically appear in my wardrobe right now...

casual and feminine

September 6, 2015

I'm so excited for tomorrow, because I'm finally picking up my keys for my new place where I'll be living five days a week. I'm so ready to start university and finally study something I love. That has nothing to do with the outfit though, so let's get straight to the point. My outfit is something I love to wear on an everyday basis, but I'm pretty sure every outfit on my blog is something I wear everyday - haha. I can be such a girly girl sometimes and I just love pink, especially pastel pink.

This pull/shirt (I don't know what it's called) is super comfy and it keeps me warm during the first days of autumn. I like to wear this with a comfy pair of jeans and heeled booties. Yup, super casual yet feminine (hence the post title). Ps: I think I'm doing a great job at posting content almost everyday, right? *pats herself on the shoulder* Have a lovely evening!

Pull: Memory Lane // jeans: Only // booties: h&m

keeping your skin fresh

September 4, 2015

Skincare is extremely important to me in my everyday routine. Whenever I skip a day, or I'm too lazy to cleanse my skin or I forget to apply moisturizer, my skin will make sure I'll see the consequences. So, when I recently changed up my skincare routine because I ran out of products and I wanted to try something new, my skin freaked out and I could no longer go outside without concealer on my face. I don't feel comfortable walking around with bare skin and redness on my face and I really hope that my skin will get better really soon. 

I started using the Lush Kalamazoo facewash recently and I don't think I will ever use another product to cleanse my face because I love this so much. As I mentioned in this post before, the facewash doesn't dry out my skin, which is something I used to struggle with when I used an other cleanser. After cleansing my face, I use a lip scrub and finally, I apply a radiance serum from Caudalie (more here). I've been using this for a while now and it leaves my skin looking fresh and healthy. It prevents my face from getting too dry and it moisturizer my skin. 

I use a water toner from Lush (lots of Lush, haha!) in the morning before applying my make-up. And that's about it! What does your skincare routine look like? PS: Links to the products can be found below.  

Kalamazoo Facewash: €9,95 / Tea Tree Water: €6,95 / Bubblegum lip scrub: €9,65 /  Caudale serum: €44,80

welcoming september

September 3, 2015

This month is going to be full of changes for me. I'm going to be living on my own 5/7, I'm going to university and I'm taking my blog more seriously. This will always remain just a hobby, but I want to create something I can be proud of. Also, I guess you can say I'll be 'moving out' partially which means that I'll have to learn how to cook for myself and I'll be own my own. No 'mummy' or 'daddy', just me. I'm excited but also scared, what if I'm too young to live on my own? I don't know, we'll see what happens.

I'll be living in a small city, which means it'll be easier for me to shoot outfit photos. No longer the same houses in the background of every photo, but pretty buildings and diverse backgrounds. I can't wait to start studying and becoming something I've always wanted to be. Maybe one day I'll be a PR-lady for a fashion company or an animal rights organisation? Dream big!

new beginnings

I'm not only celebrating three years of Fashionatic today, but I'm also introducing Fashionatic 3.0 to you. Not only did the layout change (more about that later), but I'm giving you everything you asked for in the blog survey (yes, the one you probably saw everywhere). You asked more diy, fashion and personal posts and that's what I'm giving to you. I will also be posting more, hopefully once a day or once every other day. It all depends on what's going on in my life.

I feel like I can finally breathe and say 'this is my blog' and actually be proud of it. It probably sounds weird and crazy, like my friend said the other day: 'her blog is, like, her baby' and then she laughed. But it's true, this is my precious *Gollum's voice* and I wasn't too happy with the previous layout. I could make a list of things that bothered me, but you probably will see the obvious changes in this blog template. I've always loved photography and that's one of the reasons why I started blogging. With this new layout, I wanted bigger pictures, brighter photos and just overall more PHOTO and less white space (although that's also really important if you want to keep your blog clean.)

You probably also noticed that I no longer have GFC, simply because I was bored of the 'blogger-looking-blog', it's just not too professional. Plus, Bloglovin is easier to use and if you don't have a Bloglovin account, you can easily subscribe by email or just follow me on social media to stay updated.

Another obvious change is the Disqus comment-section. I love to reply to your comments, but you never get notified when I reply. Disqus is the perfect solution and I can't wait to chat with you in the comments!

It took me a couple of weeks (or even months) to create this new layout (I had to gather some inspiration and knowledge about HTML and CSS first), but I'm super happy with the way it turned out and I hope you're as ready as I am to jump on this new train! Let's get blogging!

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